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How to Receive Airtime as Payment from Customers and Convert Airtime To Cash Using Zoranga.

With, you can receive airtime credits as a means of payment from your customers online, and then convert that airtime to cash, straight into your bank account. It is quick, reliable and secured. It works for all mobile networks. Every blogger, internet marketer and online business owners need this.

Zoranga allow registered users to easily convert any amount of airtime credit sent to them into instant cash, at a cheap rate.  See the zoranga fees for conversion rates. It is simple, easy and takes a little time to create account on the Zoranga platform.

All You Can Do With Zoranga Payment Solution

The following are some other things you can do with Zoranga platform:

  1. Convert airtime to cash.
  2. Receive airtime as a means of payment from customers.
  3. Convert excess airtime recharge card / credit to money.
  4. Transfer funds in your Zoranga account to your bank account or another bank account
  5. Sell funds in your Zoranga account to any Zoranga agent or other Zoranga customers.

With an account on Zoranga platform, you can convert airtime credits and transfer the cash to your bank or sell it to other agents who need it….and receive instant payment.

The Zoranga platform enables you to change your airtime credits and recharge cards into cash and this money is saved back into your bank account.

Again, when you open a Zoranga account, you are able to receive airtime credit as payment from your customers and then convert it to cash straight into your bank account. As a website or blog owner, you can set up the API with ease and receive payment sharply.

Even if you mistakenly bought more airtime than you needed, you don’t have to panic! Just login to your Zoranga account and simply convert the excess airtime back to cash into your bank account.

How to Create Zoranga Account; Receive and Convert Airtime to Cash.

The following are the steps you’ll take to convert your airtime to cash:

  1. Open an account on This process is free, easy and fast.
  2. After creating an account, Click “deposit money” on your Dashboard.
  3. Select one of the available deposit options.
    They are deposit using airtime PIN OR Deposit with 9mobile transfer OR Deposit with MTN Share n sell.

Within a few seconds, the equivalent value will be credited to your Zoranga account. This can then be transferred to your Bank account or another bank account. It can also be sold to other Zoranga agents who need it….and you’ll receive instant payment.

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