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Recently, YouTube hit at MIT, blocking it’s OpenCourseWare – educational video clips for  updated ‘partner agreements’ issues. This incident has caused some problems and left the United States premier university gasping for breath.

In a recent interview with with Business Insider, Curt Newton,who is the MIT OpenCourseWare’s director, stated quite frankly, “We’re quite frustrated by it,”; talking about YouTube’s decision to block these educational videos from public view. The school wasn’t informed of the reasons and hasn’t a clue about how to get them back up. As of Tuesday afternoon, the videos were still inaccessible. It will be recalled something similar happened to video clips from the Blender Foundation, the nonprofit that oversees the Blender open-source 3D content-creation program, according to a Blender blog post.

Why YouTube May Have Blocked MIT Educational Videos?

In a short statement, YouTube revealed that the problem lies with the company’s partner agreements seems to indicate that the problem might simply be an administrative, paperwork issue.

It is worthy to note that MIT YouTube’s videos generate millions of views from across the globe as teachers use them in their classrooms and students study them.

Due to heavy video files and unprecedented traffic of more than 400 hours of video posted to it every minute and 1.8 billion viewers every month, YouTube has been struggling to manage their site for some years now.

About MIT OpenCourseWare?

Founded in 1861, MIT stands for Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. It is rated one of the best IT institute in the world. The Institute is an independent, coeducational, privately endowed university, organized into five Schools (architecture and planning; engineering; humanities, arts, and social sciences; management; and science). It has some 1,000 faculty members, more than 11,000 undergraduate and graduate students, and more than 130,000 living alumni.

The OpenCourseWare of MIT is saddled with the task of sharing teachings from MIT, one of the country’s most respected research universities, with the rest of the world. The school’s most popular videos on YouTube are typically recordings of lectures on computer science and mathematics. It’s not the kind of thing that might be considered unsavory, controversial or a violation of YouTube’s policies.

Source: Business Insider

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Wrapping up

I’m sure many people are disappointed with the issues surrounding YouTube blocking MIT OpenCourseWare – educational video clips for updated ‘partner agreements’ issues. We hope that YouTube will do the needful and allow MIT videos to stream on their platform soon.

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