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Yahoo! Canada

Like the US, UK, Philippines etc, Canada has got its specific Yahoo Domain, which is different from others. If have been following us on, you would observe that we have written about Yahoo Account Creation for several other countries and many account management tips. We also wrote how you can register or signup for a new account on Google Email otherwise known as GMAIL.

Read on as we describe how you can create a Yahoo! Canada Account. If English is not your first and preferred language, we urge you to see How to Install a Browser Translator to translate this article to your preferred language; that is if it has not been done automatically.

But first, I want you to understand that Yahoo! Mail is a web-based email service offered by the American company Yahoo!. It is one of the numerous Free Email Services on the web. Lunched in 1997 Yahoo! is the 3rd biggest web-based email service with 281 million users as of December 2011.

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Yahoo Canada Registration | How to Sign Up For Yahoo Canada Account

Like other international yahoo domain, opening a new Yahoo account in Canada is not difficult. Therefore to create a Yahoo account, follow these step by step guide.

  • Enter the following in the address bar – Hit the Enter button. You are automatically redirected to the yahoo sign up page.

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  • Goto the Sign up bar (It is just at right side of the window and below the word “sign in”, you will also see “signup”)
  • Click the Signup button and you will be taken to the Yahoo Mail Registration page, where you’ll be required to fill up a short form with respect to your personal information – e.g (name, gender, address, etc)

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  • Click the send button as soon as you finish supplying your personal information.
  • You will get a congratulation message all things being okay. Otherwise, the system will take you back to the yahoo registration page to correct all required fields.

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Yahoo Mail App | How to Login to Yahoo Mail App.

Yahoo also allows mobile device users to download yahoo mail app to their devices and login straight instead of going through the native yahoo mail. So, if you don’t have this app on your device and you want to have a feel of what it looks like, then download one from the Apple Store or Play Store.

The following steps guide you to Sign in to Yahoo mail App.

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  1. Download the Yahoo Mail App to your device. This App is downloaded and installed for you.
  2. Select the Yahoo Mail icon to open its window.
  3. On the Sign Up page, provide your USERNAME (that is your yahoo email address) and your PASSWORD, in the boxes provided.
  4. Click the Sign in page.

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Yahoo – Login | How to Login to Yahoo Canada Account

If you have already Opened A Yahoo! account, Login Straight away at Yahoo! Mail Canada

This link opens the login screen where you will login into your email account with your email address and password. You are able to check your inbox and Sent items to see mails that you received and mails that you sent out respectively. You will also see spam; housing mail messages that the mail server filters out as junk or spam emails. You can also check your trash mails for mails that you have deleted.

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We hope that you were able to walk through this guide. If you still have any queries, please don’t hesitate to drop it on the COMMENT BOX. I will respond to you as soon as possible. Remember, your Yahoo! account is for you and must be kept safe.

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