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Now, have come to the best place. You landed in this page obviously because you searched for on your browser. According to wikipediaYahoo Mail is a web-based email service offered by the American company Yahoo!. Lunched in 1997, this email service is free for personal use, and paid-for business email plans are available. According to comScore, Yahoo Mail is the third-largest web-based email service with 281 million users as of December 2011.

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Before I continue with Yahoo Mail Login tips, it is important to notify us that I have written extensively on and to Sign Up or Register for a yahoo mail account. So if you encounter any problem signing up for one, don’t hesitate to contact me. Therefore, if you want to sign up for a FREE Yahoo Email account, follow these simple steps on How to Create a Yahoo Mail Account.


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But in this post, I will show you the following:

  1. How to Open and Login to your Account | yahoo mail login
  2. How to Sign in to Yahoo Mail Using the Yahoo Mobile App
  3. How to Access Yahoo Forums
  4. Review of
  5. How to change password
  6. Yahoomail small Business
  7. Features of yahoomail
  8. Brief History of Yahoomail
  9. How To Deactivate or Delete a username.
  10. Customized  yahoo mail domain with their country prefix


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How to Open A New Yahoo Account – Create New Yahoomail

You will visit  to sign up or register for a new yahoomail account. When you register, your account gives you 100% access to yahoo services like yahoo search, yahoo messenger, yahoo small business and other awesome features from Yahoo!

Should you want to register for a new yahoo account now, kindly follow the detailed guide on How to Register for a New YahooMail Account Here, but if you don’t want to go through the long process of reading the blog post, kingly watch the YouTube video here.

Watch YouTube video from TechLiet

Yahoo Mail Login | Yahoo Sign In – Step By Step Guide.

The following is the step by step to signing in to your account from any Browser of Your Choice

  1. Open your browser ( it could be Google Chrome, internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari etc)
  2. On the address bar of your browser, enter and select the hit the “Enter” key on your keyboard. This action takes you to your sign up or login page.
  3. On the Sign Up page, provide your USERNAME (that is your yahoo email address) and your PASSWORD, in the boxes provided.
  4. Click the Sign in page.

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Yahoo Mail App | How to Login to Yahoo Mail App.

Yahoo also allows mobile device users to download yahoo mail app to their devices and login straight instead of going through the native yahoo mail. So, if you don’t have this app on your device and you want to have a feel of what it looks like, then download one from the Apple Store or Play Store.

The following steps guide you to Sign in to Yahoo mail App.

  1. Download the Yahoo Mail App to your device. This App is downloaded and installed for you.
  2. Select the Yahoo Mail icon to open its window.
  3. On the Sign Up page, provide your USERNAME (that is your yahoo email address) and your PASSWORD, in the boxes provided.
  4. Click the Sign in page.

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How to Login Yahoo Forum

There is something new and mind boggling I discovered about Yahoo! It is called Yahoo Forum. If you have not visited or become a member of yahoo forum, you are missing a lot.  The Yahoo Online Forum is an amazing platform and very interesting, were users are given opportunity to ask question concerning any problem they may have or experience  on the course of using Yahoo Mail and i suggest you give it a shot today. The following is the step by step guide to logging in to Yahoo Forum.

  1. Visit the Yahoo Forum Page at
  2. Now to access the forum, You will need to click on any forum post that have been made already, Do that ant try replying or asking your own question (This will re-direct you to your original yahoo login page)
  3. From the Sign in Page, enter your Yahoomail account username and click on the “Next” button.
  4. Enter your password and click on the “Next” button.
  5. Now, you will be taken to a page where you will have to choose a Forum name for yourself. All you need to do is enter your name and click on the continue button.

Successful.  Please start exploring Yahoo forum and enjoy your experinece.

YahooMail Review is the correct link to yahoomail homepage. Yahoo mail is indeed no doubt of the oldest web mail services across the cyber village. Signup and get unlimited access to the yahoo mail account for free. Recent appraissals from industry watchers suggests that Yahoo mail is one of the best and fastest web-based email company with fascinating features like; attachment, images, links, pictures, yahoo mail plus button, cloud storage facility with Dropbox, and more. is commonly known for high security and privacy check for its users”

Before you can login into your account, you will be asked to enter your unique user name and password to be able to log into the yahoomail portal at So go now and get your Yahoo Mail account at Register for a New Yahoo Mail Account.


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Although there were some claims that is rated the biggest free email service provider in the world at the moment when compared to other email service providers like, or even the outlook mail service, having awesome features and easy navigation to go with its fast email provision has quickly built a strong reputation over the years among all other email user so then to make for business or personal use.

Over the years yahoo mail had put in a very good job to get their mail service to the best standard it is this time around, so if you’re among those that got their yahoo mail account deactivated when you could not get to sign in yahoo mail account, you can be sure that those problems can be fixed.

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How to change password.

Its highly recommended that you Change or Reset Your Email Account account password as often as possible especially when you there is someone or people who have access to the yahoo account password. Below are the steps to follow In other to change your yahoomail account password

  • Step 1: Kindly log into your yahoomail account or follow this yahoomail sign in link to be taken to the direct login page.
  • Step 2: By the right side of the homepage, click on the account information tab that gives you access to edit your yahoomail account. There are options available for you to edit your yahoo signature, account names, yahoo username and recovery question.
  • Step 3: Find the change password tab and select the prompt and at this point, all you need to do is just put in your new password repeatedly and then confirm and then continue enjoying your account.

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Yahoomail small Business

This feature of yahoomail combines the email service with 10 other account which with a personalized domain name and email address, there is usually a $25 set up fee and $9.99 monthly charge foe the account administrator.

How to Deactivate or Delete a

Should you desire to delete your Yahoo Mail account for any reason, maybe because you’re not satisfied with YahooMail products and services, kindly follow the steps below or see my detailed guide about how to deactivate your yahoomail account.

  1. Kindly Login your yahoo account and type in your account login details.
  2. Navigate and locate the Delete or deactivate this account at the bottom of the page and click on it.

I will like you to note that the account will still be made available for you with a grace period of 90 days within which this time, you can decide to restore back the account, after this period of grace, all your files and data’s stored on will be totally erased/scraped off It’s better to carry out this account on a computer to avoid any hitch in the process.

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Features of

The yahoomail service actually comes in two different categories which are the free class and business class

For the free yahoo mail version,

  • There is a mail storage capacity of 1 terabyte
  • An email attachment of 25Mb which is inbuilt to up to 100Mb of file

And the other is the yahoo mail business class which we have already discussed.

Well, for any of the version you choose, you can be sure to get a wonderful experience on

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Brief History of Yahoomail

Launched in 1997, Yahoomail is a free mail service and was offered to only Americans as at that time which later turned a global mail service provider. Currently, Yahoomail is one of the top web-based email service providers.

Over the years, Yahoomail has undergone through enormous transitions. At first, it had an Ajax interface which had a search improve and in 2010, a beta version was introduced into yahoomail. The Beta version of had at some point in time added some awesome features like the and Google latest integration feature combined with its own search engine know as Bing search and till date the yahoo beta is still the default interface.

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In the year 2012, the interface which is a clean, attractive and eye catching design with a well and simplified 11 tabs compared to the other junked up.

Also, take a quick look at Yahoo mail Login Domains

In recent times, Yahoomail have been translated into several languages in different countries. These domains do not end with the normal dot com, as seen at


Now more than ever before, you can login to Yahoo Mail, Sign Up and Sign In by visiting, using your country specific Yahoo Email Domain.

Yahoo mail Argentina                                 

Yahoo mail Australia                                   

Yahoo mail Austria                                       

Yahoo mail Belgium (French)                    

Yahoo mail Belgium (Dutch)                     

Yahoo mail Brazil                                          

Yahoo mail Canada (English)                     

Yahoo mail Canada (French)                     

Yahoo mail Colombia                                  

Yahoo mail Croatia                                       

Yahoo mail Czech Republic                        

Yahoo mail Denmark                                  

Yahoo mail Finland                                      

Yahoo mail France                                       

Yahoo mail Germany                                  

Yahoo mail Greece                                       

Yahoo mail Hong Kong                               

Yahoo mail Hungary                                    

Yahoo mail India                                          

Yahoo mail Indonesia                                  

Yahoo mail login Ireland                            

Yahoo mail login Israel                                

Yahoo mail login Italy                                  

Yahoo mail login Japan                               

Yahoo mail login Malaysia                         

Yahoo mail login Mexico                            

Yahoo mail login Middle East                    

Yahoo mail login Netherlands                   

Yahoo mail login New Zealand                 

Yahoo mail login Nigeria                                   No country URL

Yahoo mail log in Norway                          

Yahoo mail log in Philippines                    

Yahoo mail login Poland                             

Yahoo mail log in Portugal                         

Yahoo mail log in Romania                        

Yahoo mail log in Russia                             

Yahoo mail log in Singapore                      

Yahoo mail log in South Africa                 

Yahoo mail log in Spain                              

Yahoo mail log in Sweden                          

Yahoo mail log in Switzerland (French) 

Yahoo mail log in Switzerland (German)

Yahoo mail log in Taiwan                           

Yahoo mail log in Thailand                         

Yahoo mail log in Turkey                            

Yahoo mail log in United Kingdom          

Yahoo mail log in United States                

Yahoo mail log in Vietnam                         

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Should you desire to delete your Yahoo Mail account for any reason, maybe because you’re not satisfied with YahooMail products and services, kindly follow the steps below or see my detailed guide about how to deactivate your yahoomail account.

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