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    Shares VS do not pass any judgement but shall leave it for our readers to comment about their experiences with any of the web hosting giants and some other ones.

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This article specifially compares VS – 2 of the best web hosting companies in Nigeria. It discusses some of the feature offerings of these two web hosting companies with big presence in Nigeria. This article serves to compare what you will get from VS what you will get from

Disclosure: We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. We test each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own. VS

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Web Hosting in Nigeria

Web hosting services in Nigeria has really improved tremendously over the years, with many companies from outside and within Nigeria coming in with some beautiful offers for the ever growing Nigerian businesses. Getting a trusted web hosting service for your websites and blogs is the first thing you must do, as you set forth to start an online business. If you ignorantly choose a bad web hosting provider, then get ready to entertain major issues in your blogs and websites, which could frustrate you out of the business.

But if you follow my guides on How To Sign Up For A Good Web Hosting Service In Nigeria, then, you will have no single issue.

On, I share tips that help people like you to create professional blogs and websites for any legitimate business. You can also Hire Me For Free to Build your Blog. I specialize in blogging about “Blogging Tools”, “Best Web Hosting Plans”, “Web Technology” and “Finance & Payment Card Services”, hence my slug name, “Start a Blog & Blogging Tips, Web Hosting, Web Technology and Finance”.

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At this point, I want to let you know that both and are good for you, should you want to register a domain and host your website or blogs online. However, I have the privilege to share some the features of each of these services to it’s clients.

Why You Should Choose

At N400 per-month, Whogohost will give you the following:

  1. a free .NG domain.
  2. Free SSL Certificate.
  3. Unlimited email and SQL database.
  4. Automated Installation for WordPress.
  5. Guaranteed 99.9% Network Uptime.
  6. CPanel and PHPMyAdmin and
  7. 24/7 Live Chat Support to assist you. is highly recommended by top bloggers and website managers in Nigeria and West Africa. is easily one of Nigeria’s biggest web hosting service provider, that offers a Perfect Web Hosting Plan in Nigeria for hosting websites, blogs and other online platforms. They have working partnerships with IBM, Interswitch, CloudFlare and many commercial banks. They also offer the normal .com extension names and amazingly cheap rates. Other custom domains are also available for sale on the whogohost portal.

To make people see your blog on the internet live using their Smartphone, iPads and computers, you surely must buy a host. Would you like to get Whogohost for your blog and website need? Then follow this link and read How To Sign Up for Whogohost Web Hosting..

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Why You Should Choose - Domainking Nigeria

Domainking is very reliable, cheap, smart and recommended by top bloggers in Nigeria and West Africa. When you purchase hosting from them, you’ll be given:

  1. 1 Free Domain,
  2. Unlimited Email Accounts,
  3. unlimited sub domains and
  4. super Bandwidth/Space.
  5. Domainking is Government Accredited and
  6. gives 24/7 Live Chat Customer Support to assist you. came back bigger and stronger, with mouth watering packages that you don’t want to miss after experiencing a big setback in February 2017. In simple terms, Domainking is the biggest and leader in web hosting service provider. They’re currently hosting tens of thousands of websites on their servers. And they’re giving out a great service for competitive prices at (N175/mo) & (N533/mo) shared hosting and WordPress hosting, respectively.

Whether you want to build a website, blog or forum, you need a hosting company. This is so that people can see your blog live on the internet. Would you like to get Domainking for your blog? Then follow this link and read How to sign up for a free Domain from and host your blog.

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Web hosting services in Nigeria has come a long way and many more companies are springing up here and there. If you want to create a blog or design your website, we advice that you go through our step by step guide to be able to securely and successfully set up your blog and websites.

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I hope this guide VS – Comparing Web Hosting in Nigeria, sure helped you to see some of the features of these web hosting services and how to get any of them. Feel free to leave a question and also tell me how well your web hosting service has served you thus far. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends on social media.

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