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With well over 2.3 million associates or employees from around the world, Walmart remains a big multinational retail company which operates a chain of grocery stores, hypermarkets, and discount department. It was founded by Sam Walton founded in the year 1962. As at today, it is located at over 12,000 places, employing millions of people (1.5 million in the United states alone), worldwide. With concerted efforts, Walmart and it’s associates are reinventing retail businesses and making a great difference in the lives of millions of people.

While Walmart began as a small discount retailer in Rogers, Arkansas,they have since exceeded expectations and are today one of the biggest conglomerate in the US. Their reach expands to over 11,000 retail stores under 71 banners in 27 countries.

Walmart is a big multinational corporation that operates a chain of department supplies and stockroom stores around the world. Based in the United States, Walmart is the world’s 18th largest corporation and the world’s largest retailer and private employer. When you walk through the doors of Walmart Company on day one, you’ll be greeted by an active and loyal team. That’s because Mr. Sam built our company on a foundation of integrity, pioneering commerce ideas and servant leadership. Today, you’ll find that the same family- and customer-driven values he introduced still hold true.

Please read more about Walmart Story on this link: Walmart – About Us.

Career/Jobs at Walmart

Clearly being one of the biggest retailer or retail outlet in the world, with ever expanding chain of shops, career opportunities at Walmart are enormous. They are ever ready to hire qualified staff. As a result, their is a corporate Walmart Career Website for this purpose. Walmart designed a Career website that allows prospective employees to apply for positions through the internet. There are positions every kind available and many can be applied for using the Walmart job application website. These fields comprise jobs in the corporate division, in department stores, in pharmacies and the rest of them.

Walmart is a great place to work.

How to Apply For a Walmart Job on Walmart.

To successfully register, fill up and submit your applications with ease, you will need the following items. Make sure you have them set before you do you application. They are:

  1. A good computer with a full internet connection.
  2. You have to be a legal resident of the United States with the right to work in the country.

Apply for Walmart Job

Please watch the Walmart Application Video on YouTube or play the video below:


  • Go to the Walmart Careers website at:
  • Select the part of Walmart in which you would like to work from the pull-down menu and then click on, “apply now”. Now, after your search results appear, select the kind of job listed in the division you have chosen by clicking on it.
  • Set up your job search by selecting a Category and entering keywords as well as your location and the radius within which you would be willing to go back and forth to work. Tick boxes to indicate business area and employment type, and then click on, “Refine Search.”
  • Go through your refined search results and click on the exact jobs that you want.
  • Clicked on a job in which you are interested and then click on, “Apply to job.”

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What is it Like to Work At Walmart?

Watch this YouTube Video, to learn firsthand from a Walmart associate what working at Walmart feels like. Watch below please.

Deciding to take up a job opportunity at/with Walmart is great first step for job seekers who wants to secure a paid job. Walmart boosts of a wide variety of job positions, which are available on the Walmart Careers website. The tools provided on this website enables you to search for jobs based on type of position you desire. This makes it much more easier for first time users and experienced persons to  find something that is appropriate for their skills

Wrapping up

I urge you to take out time and go through the Walmart Career Website to apply for available job opportunities on Walmart. Share this:

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