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You can’t afford to be left out! Are you finding it difficult to access to your SBCglobal account? Then, it is essential that you take your Email account to Yahoo to resolve that challenge. What you need is just to upgrade it, otherwise, continue reading this article to learn how you can access and login to your SBCglobal Email Account. To log in and have access to your email account on SBCglobal, you must be sure that you have a SBCglobal account. Subsequently, you’ll have to proceed to Yahoomail sign in page to login.

Recommended mail has a relationship with mail, which has a partnership with Yahoo! These relationships and partnerships are excellent as they allow users to log into their mail through Yahoo! Yahoo and AT&T internet service relationship makes it possible.

Seeking to log into your account at the Yahoo mail login page, the system would require you to supply your AT&T ID or your AT&T email and your AT&T email password in order to allow you have access. Again, if you search online for SBCglobal login page, you will be taken to the Yahoo mail/ mail login page.

Login Credentials to Access Your SBCglobal Email Online

You can only log in and have access to your SBCglobal email online at Yahoo’s sign in page. All you need are your AT&T ID/Email (SBCglobal account username) and the password.

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How to Login to my Email Account

Here is a simple step by step guide to login into and having access to your Email Account.

  1. Go to Yahoo’s login page, or you may also proceed to, and click the ‘sign in’ link located at the top right hand side of the page.

You can also click “SBCGlobal ATT Yahoo Mail Login Guide” to learn more and login. Whichever way you choose, it will still take you to the login page.

  1. Kindly enter your AT&T ID/Email ( email), and enter your SBCglobal password.
  2. Click “Sign In” button, or hit the ‘enter’ press “Enter” on your keyboard. You will be taken into your account.

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Once you have successfully logged in into your SBCglobal email online, you can do many things like;

  1. You can check your inbox.
  2. for any new or old mails.
  3. You can compose and send new emails.
  4. You can create email messages and save them as draft.
  5. You can forward emails to other people.
  6. You can delete old emails
  7. You can carry out any other email account management tasks you can think of.

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The Partnership – SBCglobal, AT&T and Yahoo mail

Back in 2005, SBC which was previously known as Southwestern Bell Company, made a strategic acquisition and bought over AT&T, but choose to adopt AT&T as its name because, the brand is well known. So, from that day, SBC changed name to AT&T.

Even before AT&T cut off its link with Google (in January 2008), which led to the porting of all its webmail clients to the Yahoo platform, there are complete support for clients who previously registered for legacy SBCglobal email addresses. In fact, those SBC legacy customers were the earliest to be ported to the AT&T Yahoo! Service.

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Now, as a email account holders, you are expected to proceed to Yahoo’s portal, to access their accounts.

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