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Are you going for a holiday, annual leave or maybe you’re not going to be seeing your mails for some time? It is professional ethic and most needful that you set an “Out of Office” message. This message notifies anyone that sends email to you that you aren’t around for a specified duration.

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Thankfully, Gmail provides this feature with which we can use to set up an “Out of office” message. It has an option to indicate an end date for your message- you need not bother to turn off this settings, when you return to work. Gmail will also remind you that an auto-response message is set.

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How to Enable “Out of Office” Message in Gmail

  1. Select “Settings” when you click on the cog in the top right of the screen.
  2. Scroll down and select the Out of Office Auto Reply section near the bottom of the page.
  3. Supply the first date that you are off from Gmail, and (if you wish) the end date – i.e. the last day you’re away for.This ensures that people who sends you emails between these dates, will receive your out of office message.

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  4. Type in the subject and message that will be emailed to people if they email you during this time (if you have a signature it will be appended to bottom of the email).
  5. The two boxes at the bottom allow you to restrict your auto-reply email to your contacts or University staff (for example, if you don’t want replies sent to marketing emails etc.). If you have both of these boxes ticked, your out of office response will be restricted to UoB members who are in your contact list.
  6. Click on Save Changes, at the bottom of the screen.


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In conclusion, remember that Gmail’s Out of Office Message feature must be set up before it can be used. Security of your email is critical, so learn How to Protect Your Gmail Account, beacuse Recovering a hacked Google Account is not an easy work to do. Was this guides helpful? Please let us know and share this post with friends.

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