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WordPress Hosting -Cheap & Reliable Web Hosting Services

You don’t want to set out for your blogging adventure, and spending so much cash for web hosting services? You don’t want to start your blog on an untested WordPress Hosting platform, only to discover that its loading speed is so terribly slow, disk space very small and your WordPress Blog Hosting Plan so unreliable? Unknowingly, many new and intending bloggers erroneously pay huge sums of money for web hosting plans, which they can get at a cheaper rate, and for domains, which they can get for free. This shouldn’t be so!

How to Start and Set Up Your WordPress Blog in 2017 ( Step-by-Step).

Therefore, when starting a WordPress blog for the first time and you want to buy a web hosting plan, it is in your best interest to go for a shared hosting plan which is cheap, reliable, and great for your WordPress blog.  This type of web hosting plan is usually about 60% less expensive than other categories of hosting plans. Meanwhile, other forms of hosting plans include: managed WordPress hosting and Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting.

Top WordPress Hosting Service

Let me ask you friend: Are you familiar with some of these biggest platforms and sites? Here are the links to these platforms which can be designed with WordPress:

  1. Nairaland – Nigeria’s biggest and most vibrant forum that discusses all everything about life in and outside Nigeria. You may want to check it out in few seconds and then return.
    Here is the link –
  2. Linda Ikeji Blog – The No1 News & Entertainment Blog in Nigeria and a famous global brand. You may want to check it out in few seconds and then return.
    Here is the link –
  3. Forbes – This is one of the biggest global platform for professionals. Such platforms can be created with WordPress. You may want to check it out in few seconds and then return.
    Here is the link –
  4. Vanguard and Punch Newspapers – These are some of the top Nigerian News platforms gathering millions of views daily. You may want to check it out in few seconds and then return.
    Here is the link – Vanguard Newspaper
    Here is the link – Punch Newspaper
  5. Quora – An international forum that provides opportunities to interact with global audience. You may want to check it out in few seconds and then return.
    Here is the link –

Yes, All of them were hosted with these Cheap and Reliable WordPress & Web Hosting Services.   You too can host your own blogs and websites there; hence the reason for this article.

Having been there before, I understand that as a newbie in WordPress, you may have difficulties selecting the best and right web hosting package to purchase, especially, when you’re working with a tight budget. But you don’t have to worry anymore.

On TechMatas, I go extra miles to share information that helps people like you to create professional and profitable blogs and websites of any niche. If you have searched TechMatas, would have seen from my main tags that I specialize in blogging about “Blogging techniques”, “Best Hosting Plans (Blogs, Sites, VPS etc)”, “Web Technology” and “Finance & Card Services”. This is why my tags points to, “Blogging, Web & WordPress Hosting, Web Technology and Finance”.

In this article, I shared various superior WordPress hosting services that will be perfect for your finances and blogging plans. I tell you the truth; you shouldn’t pay too much money for hosting plans nor pay a penny for a domain! Join me as I reveal to you these amazingly cheap, reliable and standard web hosting platforms.

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