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Do you want to create a website or blog for free? How about making a professional blog or website for educational, businesses and sundry purposes at zero cost? is the place to build high quality standard class website. It is getting more exciting as the days go by. New and easy to use drag-n-drop blog and web design tools are being introduced into the market and you can’t afford to miss out of this great blog design tools.

Recommended was co-founded in 2006 by 22 years old group of students at Penn State namely: David Rusenko, Chris Fanini, and Dan Veltri.s of is at San Francisco, United States of America. The major driving force to developing this web building platform is to provide anyone an easy-to use tool to building a personal website.

With over 12million users globally, is a renowned online website builder with great and useful features.  Its drag-and-drop interface enables users to add contents with ease. Owing to its great reputations and amazing features, helps first time web users and enthusiast to build their own website FREE OF CHARGE.

As a school teacher or anyone who wants to create a standard website, you can explore and make use of the high quality education services provided by Weekly, as soon as you finish shaping your class website with the website builder.

Simply put, a teacher can make a standard website for her class, while her students create their personal sites within the main website or system. The teacher can then set up class assignments and homework on it, and let her students send in their answers on same platform. Using, you may post class information, as well as keep parents and guardians informed about the welfare and academic progress of their children. These and many features make work easy and much quicker for you.

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Using, you are provided with a variety of professional themes to choose from in order to make your websites look n’ feel professional and inviting to your audience. Easy to use website builders or design tools are what everyone wants nowadays and weebly provides just that. Don’t be left out, try it today.

How To Create a Free Class Website at Weebly

Many users have asked; How can you create a free class Website with This is a website on the leaps of everyone now and together with what we have said already, we drive in straight to the processes of setting up your own website using weebly website builder.

Everyone is able to create or make a professional, and nice looking website using the weebly tool but you must have the following ready so that you can get the best out of this novel website building tool:

  • A Good computer system
  • A stable internet access and
  • A Weebly account. ( which you will open on the weebly platform)

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To begin, you must follow these step by step guides to create your website.

  1. Visit Weebly home page at
  2. Create your account, if you have not done so.
  3. After wards, Click on“Education”  which you will see at the top right part of the page.

You are almost there. Now continue with the following:

  1. Log in your Weebly account.
  2. At this stage, you will be required to Fill in the information as required and follow the instructions on the screen to complete this task.

Don’t forget to visit For further information

Summing up

Weebly provides a wonderful platform for users to create a professional looking website free of charge. It offers teachers opportunities to get the best out their profession by eliminating the stress of handing out reading materials, giving and collecting homework, passing out information and a whole lot more.

With weebly website builder, you can evade all the troubles associated with managing group projects and responses and can get the best result out of them and at a short period of time. It provides hundreds of exciting themes for building an attractive website, which are both professional and inviting, As the web owner, (one who created the class website) you can manage the accounts of your students, deal with all the stress to save time and easy your teaching job.

Easy to use website builders or design tools are what everyone wants nowadays and provides just that for you. Don’t be left out, Create a Class website FREE OF CHARGE today at Anyways, what do you think about Weebly Website Builder?

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