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Hacked Gmail Account

Following recent revelations and email scandals that rocked and is rocking top U.S politicians and others, there is a great need to watch out for possible attacks on your email account. You may have difficulties signing in to your Gmail account for many reasons including:

  1. Loss of account password or
  2. Gmail account have been hacked. So this post if for you if
  3. You Forget your Gmail username or password.
  4. Someone hacked your Google account and changed the login password

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If your email account was hacked and you don’t have access to your secondary email address, then you have some jobs to do. We will show you how here.

Again, you may want to login to your Gmail account but find out that your account has been hacked and password changed.  Hmm, it is a nasty experience for one to loose one’s gmail account to hackers because all the Google services associated with your account like Orkut, Gmail, Blogger, Google Docs, Google Calendar, AdSense and even Google Checkout are tied to the same account.  Therefore in this post, I presented some of the things you need to do if you discover that your Google account has been hacked and or the account password modified.

What to do if your Google Account is hacked

The process of Recovering a hacked Google Account is not a simple job or it is nonetheless,  impossible. You can recover your Email account when you arm yourself with relevant information, especially in your secondary email account.

  1. Reset Your Google Account Password.
  2. Contact Google by filling the Google contact form


  • To reset the Google account password of the hacked account, enter the email address associated with your hacked Google Account or Gmail email username at the Gmail change password page.

At this point, Google sends an email to your secondary email address with a link to reset your Google Account Password.

However, this may not work if the your secondary email address has also been compromised or the user does not have access to the Secondary Email address.

  • Google Accounts Associated with Gmail: Should you have challenges signing into your Gmail account, then you can try contacting Google by filling the Google contact form. The only criteria here is that you will need to remember the exact date you created the Gmail account.
  • Hijacked Google Accounts Not Linked to Gmail: Should your Google Account get hacked when you’re not using Gmail with it, then you will need to contact Google by filling the google contact form. This approach can be of help while bringing back your Google Account if you religiously preserved all your old emails. You will also be required to know the creation date of your Google Account as well as have a copy of that original “Google Email Verification” message that was sent to you the day you created that Google account.

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Please note that you have to learn How to Protect Your Gmail Account, beacuse Recovering a hacked Google Account is not an easy work to do. But you can always recover it when you have armed yourself with relevant information in your secondary email account.

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