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Free USA Phone Number

Have you had cause to make online purchases or some sort of subscriptions for an online account and you were asked to supply a valid US Virtual Phone Number? Folks who have online businesses and regularly do transactions usually get stock at this point because of their inability to provide this information. Worry no more as I described in easy to understand step by step guide to getting a Free USA Virtual Phone Number.

What are Virtual Phone Numbers?

Virtual Phone Number helps a foreign user to have access to website or even an online service or tool, when the user’s country is not listed among the listed of nations allowed, due to one reason or another.  It is used to prove that you are genuine by verifying a number in a country that is accepted. Such countries could be United States, United Kingdom, India, and Australia. Examples of services that could demand for Virtual Numbers are EBay, Gmail etc.


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Now, should you need a Virtual Phone Number from the US, it is FREE on the internet. Go on and read, as we show you step-by-step guides how you can generate a Virtual United State Phone Number For Free on the internet. You can use them for Verifications, Texting and so much more from all over the world without having to spend a single dollar (USD).


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In this article, we shall show you 2 easy ways through which you can get a US Virtual Phone Number. So, welcome to TechMatas – US Free Virtual Phone Number | How to Get Free Virtual Phone Number for Verification, Texting in 2 Ways

How to Get Free Virtual US Phone Number – Method 1

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  1. From any browser of your choice, open
  2.  Register for a Free Virtual Number.
  3. Supply necessary account information and select the “Create” button.
  4. In this step, kindly enter your age and a zip code of US city. Get a US city zip code plus other information at
  5. Lastly, a number from the pop-up list.

Congratulations.  You have just gotten a new foreign number for yourself.


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How to Get Free Virtual US Phone Number – Method 2

This is an alternative method to using the It is a bit longer but not difficult to understand. We shall explain it to you in easy to use step by step guide.

Just like the first step, you can use this second ,method to get a US Local Phone Number (Virtual Phone Number) free of charge and Receive Calls, Text Messages and other services such as Phone Number Verifications from PC.


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This is strictly for USA citizen. Below is the method for getting a local U.S. number for free.

  • From any browser of your choice, Sign Up or create an account on Visit to get that done.
  • Kindly enter the necessary data and information as required and click “Continue”. A verification Email is sent to your Email Address.
  • Check your Email inbox and verify your email ID.
  • Supply your US address or Get a free USA address from
  • Next click on “I agree” to accept the term.
  • Select “Go to My CallCentric” below your username there will be CallCentric # in a format like this 1777*******
  • Open and supply all necessary information with the following settings below:
  1. Choose your account type : SIP
  2. Choose Area Code for your IPKall Number: (253)
  3. SIP username : Now put your CallCentric # here which will be like this 1777*******
  4. Host name or IP address :
  5. Also use previous email address and email password you used on and Click on the “submit” button.
  • In your Email Inbox, open the message from This message contains your details. Note that at the end of the mail first line, you will see your local US phone number. Register the number.
  • Open and download “Express talk” from here.  As you are installing the express talk, choose the default option for all screens sizes.
  • Select “Yes” at “SIP Setup” option. This is because, you have an SIP account. Supply all your account details as in Step “5” and log in.
  • As soon as you login, your US local phone number will be registered automatically. You can see it on homepage under the “Balance” tab saying “Your phone is registered”


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Congratulations for getting a Free Virtual Phone Number which you can use for Verification, Receive SMS etc. You can also use it to verify any online service platform that requires phone number verification especially services like Google voice, Paypal etc.


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