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I need not overemphasize the fact that the Internet has turned out to become a place where everything happens. Apart from office work and entertainment, the internet has become indispensable for business and economy. The introduction of online businesses and e-commerce sites has brought about the need to build a reliable system of transferring financial values between two persons. PayPal takes the lead in providing a means of transferring money from one place to another online, without difficulty. Though it is considered the best, there are many disadvantages to using it. There are a many restrictions which make it difficult for people to use it, thereby forcing them to seek for PayPal Alternatives.

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Indeed there are plenty PayPal alternatives out there that offer easy money transfers all over the world. In this article, we have collected a list of most trusted and efficient alternatives to PayPal, which you can use to transfer money online, real-time.

Best PayPal Alternatives.

Payoneer Master CardAfter PayPal, Payoneer is the most widely used PayPal alternative for online money transfer services. It is a worldwide supported network with no border limitations. It is widely used platform by many Freelancing services, eCommerce platform and having global marketplace for network and also can send bulk payments. It supports over 200 countries, and 150 currencies and having cross exchange rates.

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Payoneer has over 3M users and 2000+ support and best in all PayPal alternatives. It offers 24×7 support.

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  • Payza. 

Payza is an alternative to PayPal offered by Yes Bank. We can send and receive money for shopping and business. It offers to send money around the world in seconds. Security is also taken care of and you do not need to worry with payza. It supports more than 190 countries and offers great support. Payza is free to sign-up and has no usage fee. To Sign Up, Click Payza Sign Up

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  • Skrill.

Skrill is an excellent and widely used in all PayPal alternatives for businesses. It is a simple service that offers to control all online payments via a single account. Skrill is convenient, secure and safe, and Instant. They also provides various exclusives offers for their users. It works on all kind of online transactions making it a good choice. Many majors services supports skrill so its better to create account.

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  • Perfect Money.

Perfect Money allows users to make instant payment and transfers securely over the internet. It offers the following services for businesses and personal users : Money transfer among members, Making and receiving Payments worldwide, Save money in an electronic account with interests, and Buy Bitcoin and other forms of currency. They also provides prepaid cards facility. We can join as normal user but for advance features we need to upgrade to premium account.

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  • Neteller.

Neteller is yet another online money transactions service known as PayPal alternatives. It offers secure online shopping, money transfers, and international fund accessibility. It processes payment from various platforms including Visa, Master card, Bitcoin, Maestro and many more.  They also provide Reward points system which collects points everytime we do transactions. Neteller also provide payment system for doing easy transactions.

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  • Payeer.

Payeer is an e-wallet service that offers more than 150 methods for paying via online transactions. Payeer is another good service as PayPal alternatives. It supports an exchange for e-currency as well as payment systems. Payeer having to tier account for personal and business usage. Payeer also provide virtual mastercard with 0% fees. Payeer has an instant registration and is very user friendly.

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  • OkPay.

OkPay is yet another in list of best PayPal alternatives that is available for both business and personal users. For businesses, it offers accepting payments worldwide, global payouts, digital wallet, and online banking. Personal facilities include payment cards, cash transfers, digital wallet, promotions and offers. OkPay provide 53 different payment system in 21 currencies. It is available in more than 200+ countries.

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  • Paxum.

Paxum is a payment method and good alternative to PayPal. It is mostly focused on business but also offers personal services as well. We can join as personal and business for different facilities. We can easily send and receive payment from paxum to paxum but charge little fee on transaction. The best thing it offers is a complete payroll system where business users can pay wages with a single click. Transfers are safe, secure and instant.

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  • Stripe.

Stripe is a great among other PayPal alternatives as it removes the Need of a merchant account and a gateway. Stride has best features including Storing cards, Handling subscriptions and direct bank payments as well. Merchants can easily integrate payment system in their sites. It is basically used for crowdfunding purpose. They provide complete toolkit for developers for doing commerce across various platforms.

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  • WePay.

WePay is a service more focused on users than their credit Information. It has a great customer support as well as great fraud protection. It is a great in PayPal alternatives for those we need payment for crowdfunding and marketplace. As people are allowed to make purchases via a virtual portal without leaving the site. They provide various features like custom UX design, customize risk for your platform, fund settlement, mobile point of sale solution and many more.

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In conclusion, the above listed are some of the top best PayPal alternatives. Feel free to choose anyone of them depending on what you want and grow your business. For any question or recommendations, use the comments box below.

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