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Here are the Steps to to Download Music for Free on YouTube.

Have you found a song on YouTube you want to download? Do you want to Download Music from YouTube? Do you want to Download song from YouTube and save it to your smartphone or PC (personal computer) so that you can watch it at your convenient time?  Then, here are the step by step guide to downloading YouTube music videos to your computer or mobile-phones, free of charge. You can download these songs in MP3, and other types of format for both Windows and Mac computers.

One beautiful thing about downloading songs or Music Videos from YouTube is that they are easy to use and you can play or watch them without an internet connection or expending your data. Although, you’ll need internet to download  them to your device initially.  Moreover,you have to be patient as downloading songs or videos from YouTube may take a little more time, due to your internet speed. You can share with friends on social media.


There are many great music downloading services available on the internet with which you can use to process the YouTube Music URL and get them for yourself in MP3 version. This version will contain the music or songs and any other audio content. You might not get the best quality music but you sure will enjoy the output.

Examples of such YouTube Download service are

  • Clipgrab from,
  • KeepVid, VLC from,
  • Freemake Video Downloader.
  • VD from
  • KeepDownloading from

Steps to Download Music or Songs From YouTube

The guide below shows you how to download songs and music from YouTube, free of charge.

  1. Install a free YouTube Download Service of your choice.
  2. Open to run the YouTube Download Service you just installed.
  3. Go to YouTube ( and Copy the URL of the YouTube Music/Song  you want to download….You can play the songs to be sure it’s the correct music.
    Having trouble locating the YouTube song? Then use the search bar at the top to search for the music …using the song name or artist name.
  4. Paste URL of the YouTube Music/Song into the text field, of your chosen YouTube Download Service.
  5. Choose a download format and quality. …
  6. Click the Download button option! This could be named anything else though, depending on the YouTube Download Service you installed.

Your music or songs will be downloaded to your computer at the best available quality and saved to the location you specified.

Warning: You might be breaching Intellectual Property laws, when you download certain music or videos covered by copyright laws, from YouTube.  So endeavor to get permission of the content creator.

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Wrapping up

Do you know about other Free YouTube Music Downloader service? Share with us here to update this post. You can also use the Free Waptrick Android Music Downloader  to Download music on waptrick…

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