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This post describes College Students Can Make Extra Money While They Go to School.

If you don’t want to make money while you go to school, then stop right here! But if you want to make money in school………..then this post is for you.

Attending higher institution is one of the best investment one can make for oneself. You can choose to attend college of education, polytechnic or even the university depending on your means. However, the high cost of education in our countries makes this dream of attending higher institutions, a near impossible mission for many young people. The good news is that if you are really hungry to attend university or college as the case may be, then, there are many avenues to make money as a student. It is not just about the scholarships or few handouts that you may get from people but practical ways to earn income both offline and online while you do your studies in school.

Ways to Make Extra Money While They Go to School

The following are some of the possible ways any student can make money online and offline, while attending college:

  • Start a Blog

How I Created A Successful Blog With Little CapitalIf you can create a blog and write hot + interesting articles so that people will always want to come and read your posts, then you’re in a better position to earn money from Google and other internet ad companies. Many student bloggers and graduates are making it big on the internet through blogging and you can do the same. I have helped so many students to create their own blogs…read How I Helped This Former Student to Create a Blog.

  • Provide Mobile Data

Virtual U.S. Phone NumbersIf you can subscribe for all the major mobile network service providers and get bumper packages from them, then you can resale this mobile data to your fellow students. You can also give them wifi/hotspot connection through your mobile device so they can browse Facebook, connect with friends on Instagram and chat on Whatsapp. They will pay you good money for this offer.

  • Affiliate Marketing:

How to Start Affiliate Marketing and Make Money OnlineEven if you don’t have a blog, you can make money with Affiliate marketing. It is a big business! You can promote products on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp groups etc. To find the best product to promote, ask yourself this question: What product or service does my friends need? You get paid when someone buys a product through your affiliate link. For better information about how to start making money from affiliate marketing, read the following resources below.

  1.  How Affiliate Marketing Works!
  2. Five (5) Best Steps to Make Real Money From Affiliate Marketing Programs Like a Boss!

  • Repair Mobile Phones and Computers

You may need to get a little training and then learn on the job. If you are technical enough, you can succeed in this as it will become almost like a hubby for you to pick up a damaged phone or faulty Laptop and repair it……..with ease. You will make a reasonable amount of money repairing mobile phones and computers.

  • Tutorial Classes

Computer Science StudentsIf you are the intelligent type and have the ability to talk to people without being shy, then this is the best and easiest way to make money in school. You can organize tutorial classes for fellow students in difficult courses like Mathematics or departmental courses in your school. You can even liaise with the course lecturer and she will give you course materials (handouts) to sale along the line. This way, you can make good money.

Other things you can do include:

  1. Setup a business center for Photocopying, typing, scanning and Printing.
  2. Start a unisex hair dressing/barbing saloon.
  3. Open a video game shop.

Do you know any other thing one can do as a student to make money? Share with us in the comment box.


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