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This is a true-life story of how I mentored a Young Nigerian Graduate To Create A Blog With Little Capital. You can’t afford to go broke all the time, while you’re Looking for Jobs, up and down, doing your National Youth Service, Going to School, or Working At your 8am to 6pm Job! Do something extra, my friend – Start A Blog Business.


Why You Need to Create A Blog – 15 Benefits Owning a Personal Blog

Searching for graduate job online is the number one fear and easily the biggest headache of most graduates in Nigeria and in West Africa. The government of our various nations have no answer to this crisis. However, you can take the initiative and create a job for yourself by setting up an online business platform, with which you can make money and earn a living. This is the reason for this true life testimonial from a grateful heart about- How I Mentored This Young Nigerian Graduate To Start A Blog With Little Capital.

I hope this will motivate you to set up your own blog and make money blogging.

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What Happened?

After his final exams, he had to get ready for his National Youth Service. But he wanted to set up a business and earn some income for himself, since nobody could give you everything you need in this period.

So, his desire drove him to browse the internet and got to discover what we do from our documentaries at nairaland.  This hunger to create a business and employ himself even before his youth service year begins, spurred him to submit himself to Mentor-ship Program.

What We Do At Mentor-ship Program.

In this online real-time assistance program, we let you know how and all you need to create your first blog.

What is a blog? The blog is a website that lets users share information, and discuss diverse subjects of interest with people in the form of an online magazine. Have you reviewed one of my blogs: before? Is it looking attractive?

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Do you know what? – I built this blog using all the FREE TOOLS I am going to tell you here. I did not buy any domain, nor pay anyone to install WordPress for me, nor purchase a theme nor pay for any plugin. I got all of them free of charge. Yes, it took me time to discover all of these free blogging tips and techniques but I guess it is now for the benefit of someone like you who want to create a blog but do not have so much money to start a blog.

So people, don’t ever allow anyone intimidate you nor manipulate you to pay big sums of money to Create a Blog, Sign Up For a Host or Register a Domain. You can Create A Blog For Yourself With Little Capital. All you need to pay for is a Hosting Service Only. Hosting Services are also relatively cheap and very affordable. As soon as you purchase a hosting service, you’ll receive One (1) Free Domain! Also, every other thing you’ll require to Start Your Blog can be acquired online, FOR FREE.

How to Upload your Songs, Mobile Applications or Files to

Ready to Start a Beautiful Blog with Little Capital? Here are Two Ways:

  1. Hire Me For Free To Design It For You. Conventional designs typically cost so many dollars, but you won’t and I’ll not take anything from you. If you will accept this offer today, Click Hire me for free!

  2. Do It Yourself. I’ll describe how to create your self-hosted WordPress website below. It will cost you as little as $3.95/N1380 per month (hosting cost). That is all. Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated to pay for a theme at $54/N19000. Like I did, I’ll advice you to use one of the numerous free themes and plugins available on the WordPress Store.

Should you want to start a blog, I have compiled all the steps you will follow (from beginning to end) to successfully Create A Professional Blog similar to, with little capital. Specifically, you will learn how to:

  1. Get A Domain Name For Free
  2. Choose The Best Web Hosting
  3. Install WordPress
  4. Install A Template To Modify Your Site’s Design
  5. Create Posts & Pages In WordPress
  6. Customize WordPress With Plugins And Extensions
  7. Resources To Learn Blogging With WordPress And Get Support
  8. Doing Something Extra – Creating Blogs With More Features
  9. Making Money With Your Blogs

Now, join me now as I show you How to Successfully Create your Blog With Little Capital | Step-By-Step Guide.

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How to start Your blog with little capital in 30 minutes

How to Start a Blog

You can start any kind of blog from the beginning in 30 minutes, and I will take you through the entire process, (a step by step guide on how to Start a Beautiful Blog with Little Capital)

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Step 1:  Get A Domain Name For Free

A unique domain name is the winning magic wand! This domain will be your brand name and you will be famous online, no matter what niche (category of information) you choose to write about. What is a Domain Name? It is the exclusive address of your blog on the internet. e.g You will get your domain FREE OF CHARGE if you purchase hosting service from any of these WordPress Hosting services.

Sometimes, finding a domain name for a particular niche might be frustrating but you don’t have to worry so much. Neil Patel, has provided us with practical steps to get a fantastic domain name. He remains a global icons in blogging, will practically help you to choose the best domain name that matches your niche.

Here is the linkHow to Get A Perfect Domain Name (Great Tips) – Neil Patel

Step 2:   Choose the Best Web Hosting

You need to know that Web hosting provides a space on the internet for websites and blogs. When you create a blog or website and you what people to see it, you will need to publish it with a web hosting service. WordPress Hosting Services such as Whogohost provides affordable and reliable web hosting plans with a free domain.

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Why You Should Go For Whogohost

At N400 permonth, Whogohost gives you a free .NG domain, Free SSL Certificate, Unlimited email and SQL database, Automated Installation for WordPress, Guaranteed 99.9% Network Uptime, CPanel and PHPMyAdmin and 24/7 Live Chat Support to assist you. It is highly recommended by top bloggers and website managers in Nigeria.

Whogohost is easily one of Nigeria’s biggest web hosting service provider. They have working partnerships with IBM, Interswitch, CloudFlare and many commercial banks. To make people see your blog on the internet live using their Smartphone, iPads and computers, you surely must buy a host. I recommend Whogohost to you.

Disclosure: We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. We test each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.


How to Buy Web Hosting From Whogohost.

The following are the steps to follow to sign up for a perfect web hosting plan from Whogohost and go straight to create a blog. It is simple and you only need to follow the guides.

Section 1:
Buy Webhosting Now
: Click the link below to Buy Webhosting Now. You may be required to create account and login first. Otherwise continue. Web Hosting Plans

Section 2:
Select “Hosting >> Shared Hosting” menu
: When the whogohost website opens, click the 2nd menu “Hosting >> Shared Hosting from the top right-hand.


Section 3:
Choose A Web Hosting Plan:  Here, you should choose a web hosting plan that best fits your need. I want you to select the “Pro” plan to maximize your blogging business.

Whogohost Web Hosting Plans


Section 4:
Enter Your Domain Name
: Here, you’ll Enter Your Domain Name. Your Domain name is the name you chose in step1 – that name that you want your website to answer. For example, my domain name is TechMatas.  Click on Continue.


Section 5:
Configure your Selected Web Hosting Package
: Choose whether you wish to be billed yearly charges, 2Years or 3Years, all with a FREE Domain. This is dependent on how much you have presently.  Click on Continue.


Section 5:
Review & Checkout: Now, review your purchase and click on “CheckOut >”


Section 6
Supply Your Payment Information
: In this section, you will be asked to put in your payment information to complete your purchase. You can use PayPal, Payoneer MasterCard, Debit Card (Local ATM Card), and others. Please make sure you Review the Domain and Web Hosting package you just registered for.  Click on Continue

At this point, Whogohost will send an email to to you, notifying you of a successful purchase together with your Login credentials to your dashboard.

Other Excellent Web Hosting Services You Can Choose from:
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Next thing is to Install WordPress on your newly purchased domain. It is so simple and free! I’d like you to follow these steps.

Step 3:  Install WordPress

You’ll now install WordPress with just 1-Click! After buying Free domain and hosting from your chosen web hosting company, you will receive login credentials and simple instruction about how to install WordPress to your new domain. The steps are simple and follows this sequence:

  1. Log into your Whogohost Dashboard otherwise called cPanel.
  2. In the Software/Services section, select the particular app installer for WordPress, as per the email sent to you.
  3. Click WordPress, :
  4. Fill out WordPress configuration info
  5. Click Install Now button to complete the setup

Ensure that  you selected the correct Domain (your new domain) you want to install WordPress in, make your site settings, put your Admin information, choose your preferred language, select desired plugins and theme of your choice. Do these before you click on “Install Now” button.

Next step above you will see WordPress is installing. you have to wait for it to install. When its up to 100% above, you will see a congratulatory message informing you that WordPress has installed successfully to your domain.

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Now you have to go to your WordPress admin dashboard login to view your WordPress dashboard and install some necessary stuffs. your admin dashboard login your should look like

Step 4 – Install Professional Theme.

Theme is the layout (look & feel) of your blog. WordPress provides thousands of Free and Premium themes and plugins for users to use on their blogs. Here is a thorough review of some of the themes available, as written by

Here is the link:   Free vs Premium WordPress Theme ( pros and cons)

If you just starting out, I personally suggest that you make use of FREE WordPress in-house developed theme which is regularly updated with water-tight security to protect your blog from scammers. As you grow, you can go for premium themes available at or in some other places. You may even design your own theme like jide’s theme.

How to Install a Free WordPress theme

WordPress offers thousands of free-to use themes whcih you can install and activate immediately, and it is effected on your blogs. You can change your current theme to a new one by:

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard and clicking on Appearance » Themes, as shown in the image below.
  2. Once you are on the themes page, click on the Add New button at the top. A table of free WordPress themes are listed for you to choose from.
  3. Choose from any and click “Install”. You also preview the theme to see how it looks, even before you install it.
  4. After installing the free theme you want, click Activate.

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 Install a Premium WordPress theme

If you purchased and downloaded a theme from, you can upload it and make it your default WordPress theme. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Appearance>> themes >> and click “Upload theme” button.
  2. Select the zip file of your premium theme you downloaded. Choose the file and click Install Now.
  3. Once your theme is installed, you will see a success message along with the link to activate and preview the theme.

Step 5 – Install WordPress Plugins

Plugins allow you to add new features to WordPress Blog such as Adsense   (for monetizing your blog), Gallery (for pictures), slideshow (for animations), SocialShare (for sharing your posts on Social Media) etc. There are thousands of free and paid plugins available for your use. The steps below describes how to install a WordPress plugin of your choice.

  1. On the left side of your blog dashboard, Select “Plugins” and click “Add New”.
  2. Search & Find your choice of plugins.
  3. On the activated plugin, click “Activate”.

I have written a detailed post about some important plugins for your blog.

Here is the link – Recommended WordPress plugin for all bloggers

Step 6 – Publish Your First Articles & Pages

This is where you post your article and create your pages such as AboutUs, ContactUs pages. I am sure you have decided about the niche to write about. When you have finished installing your needed WordPress plugins, the next important thing to is to publish your first article.

To create a Page,

  • Go to Pages » Add New page in WordPress admin area. This will bring you to the page editor screen, which is empty.

First you need to supply a title for your page, let’s call this page ‘Contact Me’. After that you can add content in the text editor displayed. You can add text, links, images, embed videos, audio, etc. After adding content to your page, you can click on the publish button to make it live on your website.

You can repeat the process by adding more pages for different sections of your website. For example, an AboutUs, Advertise With Us, and a “Disclaimer page’ to display to your readers.

How to Download your Songs, Mobile Applications or Files from

To create a Post or Article,

  • Go to Posts » Add New in your WordPress admin area.

Here you need to supply a title for your post, let’s call this post ‘My First Blog Post’. After that you can add content in the text editor displayed. You can add text, links, images, embed videos, audio, etc. After adding content to your post, click on the publish button to make it live on your website.

Hurray!!! You have just published your first article. Go ahead and explore the numerous themes, plugins and others available on WordPress and you’d be glad you did.

Step 7: How to Drive Traffic To Your Blog.

Traffic is the life blood of every blog just as blood is the live-wire of every human being. You must always find ways to promote your blogs in order to grow your daily blog traffic or visitors.

If your blog must become popular and make money for you, then you must work hard to attract visitors to your blog on a regular basis. One of the ways to make your blog popular is to share it on and become very lively on Social Media and Online forums. The following articles below will help you.

I recommend the following articles for you:

  1. 17 Important SEO Tips to Get Traffic To Your Football Club Blog.
  2. Best 7 Blogging Forums to Share & Promote your Footbal Blog Posts.
  3. SEO Technique – Copy Competitor’s Backlinks – Drive Massive Traffic To Your Blog in Minutes.
  4. Best 10 Discussion Forums to Share Your Blog Posts & Build Traffic to Your Blogs.
  5. Hard to Get Traffic To Your Blog? Based on Logistics, Here is What You Must Do Immediately.

Step 8:  Get Support Blogging With WordPress

With WordPress, you are in total control of how your blog will look! As you grow in your blogging business, you may find yourself looking for some quick tweaks. Thank goodness – there numerous of free WordPress help available online.

I will recommend the following resources – they provide free and up to date instructions & tutorials for your blogging needs:

  • – This is the biggest and surest place to get quick information about best plugins & themes to use for any particular type of blog. You questions are quickly attended to in the forum and you will love it.
  • WPBeginner Blog – A Pro-WordPress blog for up-to-date WordPress tutorials, how tos, and step by step guides.
  • – A Pro-blogging blog for tips and techniques to making a beautiful website.
  • – A wonderful blog teaches how to drive traffic to your site. You need it.I am ready to Help You Create A Blog Today……Contact Me here for assistance.

Step 9:  How to Make Money With Your Blog

Most people start a blog to make money online. Personally, that is my motivation and I’m sure that that is why you have read upto this point; Lol.

There are many ways to monetize your blog. One of the best is through affiliate marketing programs. Below is a list of ways to make money from your blog:

  1. Affiliate Marketing programs such as Google Adsense,, propellerads etc.
  2. Information Marketing.
  3. Online Video tutorials.
  4. Commercial ads from private clients.
  5. And Lots more.

Once you followed my step by step guide above to create your blog, I have some secrets I’ll tell you, about how to monetize your blog. Hit me up at my contact me page and I will send my secret methods to making money with my blog.

For a start,

I want you to read: How to Make Money From Payoneer MasterCard – Earn $25 Bonus When you Signup and Refer a Friend.

This Was My First Source of Income Online Before Other Affiliate Programs. You’ll Need to Sign Up For Payoneer MasterCard. I Invite You To Register For A Payoneer Account Today Free of Charge & Receive $25 Bonus.

To see our category listings of different affiliate marketing businesses that you can apply for and put in your blog to earn some money, visit:


As long as you’re willing to put in the hard work and effort, you’ll reap the reward. Remember, there are no shortcuts.

Wrapping up.

This is a true-life story about how I mentored a Young Nigerian Graduate To Create A Blog With Little Capital is real. Many others have followed our strategies to build their own blogs from scratch. I encourage you to start your blog today with little capital. You can’t afford to go broke all the time, while you’re Looking for Jobs, up and down, doing your National Youth Service, Going to School, or Working At your 8am to 6pm Job! Do something extra, my friend – Start A Blog Business.

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Now, I want you to get my Video Tutorials + Ebook, for Setting up your Blog. It Is very affordable and simple to understand. You can even play this Video Tutorials without internet connection. Click the Link image Below to place your order now.

Video Tutorial & EBook - How To Start A Blog in Nigeria

The 1st 20 people to request for our Video Tutorials & Ebook, (in One Month From now), I will give you a discount of 50% each on any of the items.

Ask your questions and leave a comments also. Don’t forget to share this motivational article about how I mentored a Young Nigerian Graduate To Create A Blog With Little Capital.

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