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Here are the SSL CertficateHTTPS SEO Benefits for your Blogs and Websites.

SSL Certficate - HTTPS SEO Benefits

You should not loose your website traffic out of carelessness. Read this post and understand why you need to move very fast to secure your traffic and ultimately grow your traffic in this wave of change blowing all over the internet.

It is no longer news that the recent google update which started marking any website that does not have SSL certificate as NOT SECURE has affected many blogs. What is news are the regular effects it may have on your websites and blogs if you don’t do something fast about it.

SSL Certificate is equivalent to Changing from HTTP to HTTPS, so that your website or blog will now read instead of

This is how you will loose traffic and money if you don’t switch from HTTP to HTTPS Now

  1. Google chrome and other search engines will mark your blog and website that as “NOT SECURE”. if it does not have SSL certificate (a GREEN PADLOCK icon).
  2. Visitors to your blog receives warning to close and never visit your website or blog again. This will discourage people from visiting the site.
  3. You will start crying.

Benefits of Changing from HTTP to HTTPS – Getting SSL Certificate

Apart from providing a secure connection that allows blogs and websites to interact with browsers in a safe environment, switching from HTTP to HTTPS gives a number of advantages for website owners. They include:

1.       SEO Benefits

This refers to the benefits of optimizing your websites for search engine access. This ensures that your websites and blogs rank higher. For best SEO tips, see Search Engine Optimization Tricks

2.       Boost Your Site’s Performance on Mobile Devices

Mobile technology is the way to go as most users access your websites and blogs via their mobile devices and Smartphones. Always, you should create websites and blogs that are responsive – works well on smartphones and tablets as well.

3.       Increase Security

The major objective of HTTPS is that of providing security across your website. Encrypting user information is a great step to creating a safer and trusted platform for your website visitors. You should also take additional steps to provide air-tight security for your site or blogs.

4.       Faster Loading and Overall Improves User Experience.

When you switch to HTTPS, your website will experience quicker loading times and other performance enhancements. This improves the trust rating and overall user experience of your websites. This is because it builds trusts and so improves your relationship with clients – they feel safe when browsing through your site.

5.       Build Brand Reputation

Providing a secure browsing experience is great for your business partners. Switching to HTTPS means that you care about the safety and well being of your customers. This robs off positively on your brand’s reputation, and brings more clients for your business.

6.       Higher Revenue

Recent research shows that websites that use HTTPS will make higher revenues from direct sales and referrals. When you switch to HTTPS, you’ll experience faster loading time, improved security and improved brand reputation. This ultimately makes website visitors to want to always come back for more.

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Other benefits include:

  1. Protects web user information from hackers and any form of attack.
  2. It makes surfing the web a lot safer for all your users.
  3. Someone can easily hack your domain if it doesn’t use HTTPS and use it for thousands of illegal and immoral purposes. Sounds scary.
  4. It is completely FREE. Any web host that charges money to encrypt your site is just trying to extort you. Migration to HTTPS is absolutely FREE.

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Wrapping up

Every blog owner or website owner, needs to learn about the SEO benefits and revenue potentials of switching from HTTP to HTTPS. You should not loose your website traffic out of carelessness. Read this post again and share it –  You need to move very fast to secure your traffic and ultimately grow your traffic in this wave of change blowing all over the internet. Contact your web hosting service to help you migrate to HTTPS immediately. We can also help you do this for a small fee. Contact us. Leave your questions and we will get back to you.

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