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How To Set Up Email Auto-Forwarding to Multiple Addresses or An Alternate Email account

Is worthy to note that google,, yahoomail etc provides a wonderful feature which allows users to set up  email auto forward to multiple addresses. Because there is a strong need to secure our Gmail accounts from hacking, especially when checking emails from public internet café, I suggest you Create a secondary Email account, preferably a Gmail account. This alternate Gmail account helps you block out and protect your messages from being accessed by a third party malicious program.

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As soon as you create a new Gmail account, you must set up your Gmail accounts (primary and alternate accounts) such that your newly opened secondary Gmail account automatically Forward Gmails to your Main Email Accounts. Here is the step by step guides to doing this:

  • Create a new Gmail account and opt for a new password for it. The password of this alternate Gmail account must not be the same with the password of your main or primary Gmail account.

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  • Sign in to your primary Gmail account, Select “Settings” and navigate to the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab.
  • Choose the option to forward all received Emails in the newly opened Gmail account to your Main account. This automatically forwards any email received in this new alternate Gmail account to your main email account.
  • Every time you desire to check emails from a public internet cafe, ensure that you make use of this alternate email account. They may succeed in hacking into it a malicious program like the “keylogger” but not your Main Gmail account.
  • Never leave any important emails or password/username in this alternate email account. Always delete important emails from it.
  • Curiously check and monitor your Gmail account activity on this secondary Gmail to know if someone from the public café is doing something funny with it, after you left browsing.

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Note:  Don’t make this Alternate Gmail account your password recovery address for your primary email account. It is basically for checking emails at public cyber cafes.

In conclusion, every user of the internet Email accounts must be vigilant and internet-security conscious in other to properly secure your Gmail accounts from hackers. It is your responsibility to secure yourself and ultimately hide your important information away from dirty minds hanging around us. The ball is in your court; so shoot!

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