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This is another Top SEO Tips – Ping Your Way To The Top! Do you want to Make Search Engines Index Your Posts Automatically?

SEO Tips - Ping Your Way To The Top | How To Make Search Engines Index Your Posts Automatically

Would you like your new posts or articles to be indexed and instantly visible to most search engines on the internet, as soon as you hit the “PUBLISH” button? Do you want your blogs and websites to come tops in any search engine when folks search the internet for information related to your niche? Do you want to rank high and receive quality backlinks to your blogs and websites very soon?

Then you need to Ping Your Way To The Top.

Getting Traffic to your Blog is a job every blogger and website owner must do continuously. This is because; traffic is the very life of a Blog/Website. If no one gets to see your blog and read your posts in your website then your efforts become wasteful. Before you can even get to monetize your blog, you must be sure that your blog receives quality visitors otherwise; you’ll be wasting your precious time, resources and may not really be impacting anyone. Sooner than later, you will get bored and frustrated out of your blogging business.

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Pinging Your Way To The Top of search engines is an open secret SEO technique for notifying top sites and ping lists about your latest and newest post on the internet. This is so that they can focus their attention on your blog and refer visitors who make searches about topics related to your posts, directly to your blog. This top SEO technique is grossly underused by most bloggers but it still remains one of the best ways to to deepen your url in search engines.


How do you Ping Your Way To The Top?

Practically, as soon as you update your ping list, you are good to go. Whenever you publish a new post, WordPress picks it up and notifies all the sites in the ping list, automatically, about your new blog update. This ensures that your blog becomes #Registered and can easily come up tops whenever anyone makes any search. At this point, making money from your blog becomes easy.

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Top 80 Sites To Ping

The following are the top sites in the pinging list, with which you can automatically use to notify search engines about your new posts. They also assist in very mighty ways to deepen your link, so as to start getting traffic, if you are finding it hard to get traffic to your blog.

Here are the list:

If you need more information and other tips about these pinging list, please visit —-Update Services on the Codex. Separate multiple service URLs with line breaks.

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How to Setup Your “Pinging List” 

The steps are not difficult. I will like you to strictly follow this guide and you’ll successfully set up your own in no time. Thank me later.

1) Login to Your Dashboard

2) Select “Settings” >>> “Writing”.

3) Inside “Update Services”, paste or enter the above ping list.

4) Click Save Changes.

That is all.

In no time, you will start receiving massive backlinks from Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines, like I’m doing right now. Cheers to blogging like a pro.

Wrapping Up

Pinging Your Way To The Top of search engines is one of the smartest, cheapest and most neglected SEO Tips – which Makes Search Engines Index Your Posts Automatically.  It is an open secret SEO technique for notifying top sites and ping lists about your latest and newest post on the internet. If you’ll implement this today, the sky will be your stepping stone to blogging your way to the top. Please leave a comment and share this post widely.

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