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Google Email Security | How To Protect Your Google Email Account From Hacking in 6 Ways

It is essential that ensure maximum security for your Google Email because Emails are one of the most important assets we have on the internet. The inbox of our Email stores received messages. Our accounts on Social Networks, Blogs & Websites, Credit & Payment Cards (Payoneer, PayPal etc) are tied and managed via our Emails. Therefore, we must find credible ways to secure them especially, our GMAIL Accounts.

Just like YAHOOMAIL provided by Yahoo, Google Email is provided by Goggle. When we create a Gmail account, Google starts keeping records of our sign ups, email messages, our contacts, our connections, who we are, what we watch, our meetings & engagements, our interests, who our friends are, what our friends do etc. So you can see that it is important that we protect our Google account to prevent authorized access.

How To Protect Your Google Email From Hacking

  • Keep away from checking Emails at local Internet Cafes or Public Systems

A hacker working as café administrators could have installed a malicious software such as “A Keylogger” which tracks, records, saves and automatically forwards what you are typing including your Gmail Username and Password, to an email address or server. As soon as you leave the café, the café staff retrieves your login information and hacks your Gmail account. These kinds of programs run in the background of the computer systems and most people don’t know.

For this reason, STOP checking emails at a local internet cafe or at public systems so that your Gmail account will be safe. Avoid any internet facility where you don’t have direct control.

  • Enable 2-Step Verification Of Gmail Accounts


Two Step verification provides additional level of security control to your Gmail accounts by requesting that you provide your Mobile Phone Number, in addition to your Username & Password. This simply means that even when your Username & Password are hacked, the hidden hacker is still not able to sign in to your email since it does not have your mobile phone number.

  • Confirm That URL in the browser is WWW.GMAIL.COM

Don’t forget to confirm that the URL in the browser is WWW.GMAIL.COM.  This is important because some bad hackers can build a perfect copy of the Gmail login page. They install certain malicious programs or scripts to it which collects your username and password secretly.

Therefore, constantly verify that you are signing in to Gmail by typing on the address bar of the browser yourself.

  • Create An Alternate Email address and Mobile Phone Number

Always add a mobile phone and an alternate email address in order to help you RESET your password when forgotten or recover your hacked Gmail account.

  • Forward Emails to an alternate Email Account

In case you have no other option than to check emails from a public internet cafe and you are terrified that those guys might have put in keylogger programs to hack your Gmail account? Ensure you set your Gmail Account to automatically Forward Gmails to a Secondary Email Accounts.

  • Monitor Your Gmail Account Activity

If you notice strange alerts and activities in your Gmail accounts, quickly review recent activities on your google account. Checking Your Gmail Account Activities by looking up the date, time, IP address, location and access type of recent activities in your Gmail account ensures that you arrest in good time, any hacking activity going on..

In conclusion, it is important that you take your Google Email Security serious and ensure that you don’t give any room for anybody to do funny things with your google email. hacked.

Have you got more tips for protecting Gmail accounts? Share your ideas in the comments section.

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