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Facebook Auto Likers

Facebook is the world’s busiest and most visited social media platform for connecting with people, today. We communicate with family and friends across continents by means of chatting, sharing photos and files. Facebook is really fun to be with as most of us would hardly go 3 hors without looking at our facebook pages. Every Facebook user is permitted to connect with 5000 Facebook friends, which we share our thoughts and files with as we may wish and they in turn LIKE and COMMENT on them.

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But according to Facebook algorithm, our posts (status updates) are only expected to receive 10 to 50 likes as the case may be. However, Facebook do have an unfriendly reach restriction which causes our posts to receive very few Likes and Comments. And most times, this doesn’t go down well with some of us.

Due to this, some Facebook users started making use of auto likers to automatically garner more Likes for their posts.

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The motive behind the use of auto likers is to draw others to like their updates since their posts looks popular. These Facebook Auto Likes are provided by some websites. This allows you to get thousands of Likes to your status updates and photos.


What Are Facebook Auto Likers and How Do They Work?

  • Simply put, Facebook auto likers are avenues to get automatic likes and subsequent comments on our Facebook status updates.
  • Facebook Autolikers are websites which collect personal data through token number. Then this collected data is used to generate auto likes. Now the question how they are collecting data. Whenever someone use these auto likers then these sites access their token number to generate likes. Just take example if 10 person use any autoliker then they have collected 10 likes. Now if someone use same autoliker then they will get 10 likes on status automatically and that user also get add up in the same list. After that total collection become 11 Likes. In the same way total likes collection increase day by day. Only way to find total likes available is just depend on how many user already used it.

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There are many website who offer auto likes in which they need your token number to get access into your account. Then they need status id or photo id where want to add fake likes.

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 But are these tricks worth it – Are They Safe?

It is pertinent to state that anything that comes easy some disadvantages and risks. Facebook has the following to say:

  • It is totally a spam and risky process.
  • Using any Auto liker may results your account disabled or Facebook may apply few restriction on Account.
  • These auto likers may result your account compromised because the entire website need token number. Which means you are providing all the privileges to that application which you use to generate token number. According to Facebook, Access Token number it works like an account Passwords. So any service which have token number of account may harm your personal information.

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Important Suggestions and Points

Anyways, If after seeing these risks above and you still want to go ahead, Here are a Few Suggestions About Using Facebook Auto Likers.

  1. Don’t use Auto Like services from your original Account.
  2. Auto Likers need Access Token Number which works like a password. So using it through your personal account may compromise your security.
  3. Getting Auto likes on Status or Photo is also against Facebook usage terms. So Facebook may apply restriction on Liking and commenting and results into account disable.

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In summary, I hope that this information presented above was able to clear all truth and misgivings about Facebook Auto Likers. Send in your comments should you have any queries. Thank you.

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