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Do you have a Yahoo! Mail account  thats been working quite well for you over the years, with so much testimonies to share? In fact, you you have logged on seamlessly without hitches in the past but just recently, you don’t seem to remember your password any longer? You have forgotten Your Yahoo Mail Password! The fact that you have got an important email message in your Yahoo Mail inbox makes it terrifying to loose your Yahoo Mail account, just like that.  Worry no more as this article is totally dedicated to helping you Reset Yahoo Password | Recover Yahoo Password.

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Please, I want to believe or assume that you have not forgotten the answers to your secret questions as well nor have a secondary email address added to your Yahoomail account.


How to Recover a Forgotten Yahoomail Password

Many email services such as GMail from Google, Yahoo, Outlook etc have sufficiently provided for this expected challenge of Password Reset. The steps to recovering Yahoo Mail Password is not difficult but would require you to follow the following step by step guides.

Please watch this video guide directly on YouTube.  Otherwise watch it below.


Now, I would like you to follow these step by step guide, as described below. Should you still have any challenge after these steps, kindly send it in , through the comment box,.

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To Reset Yahoo Password | Recover Yahoo Password of your Yahoomail account, do the following:

recover yahoo password

  • Choose the option: “I have a problem with my password” link and click next.
  • Enter your Yahoo mail email address under My Yahoo ID is.

recover yahoo mail password

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  • Type in the confirmation code from the Captcha image displayed or play the audio playback under Type the code shown and click next.
  • If you have specified an alternate email address for your yahoo account recovery, kindly type the alternate email address under Send a message to my alternate email address and click next.

As soon as you have done this, Yahoo will send you a message with a reset password link, to your Alternate Email Account.

recover yahoo mail password

  • Kindly open the email from Yahoo with the subject “How to reset your Yahoo password”.

recover yahoo mail password

  • Click the Reset Password message link.

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Note: You may choose to answer your secret question: by making sure the “Use my secret question is selected and click next.

  • Please enter the answer beneath the question, for each of the questions, and click next.
  • Type the desired New Password of your choice under new password and Retype the password and click next.

Note: Make sure of the following

  1. It is a strong password.
  2. Choose a password you can remember.
  • Done.

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It might interest you to note that use to be the biggest email service provider in the world but over the years, until , owned by Google has taken the lead, and is still speeding to the finish line. In some countries though, the above assertion varies and is dependent on the usage of the email service. So, still have some relevance in certain places.

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Just like Gmail from Google email, Login is equipped with the Yahoo Mail account. You may sign up for a free yahoomail account now, from the yahoo login/sign up page and login with your username and password.

In conclusion:

You are have successfully Reset Yahoo Password | Recover Yahoo Password of your Yahoomail account. Make sure you store your password securely. If this article was really helpful to you, why don’t you share it, by clicking your Social Share Buttons Below. Thank you.

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