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Netflix Password Reset!

Most online services would demand that you sign up or create an account first, before you can operate it for your personal purposes. Registration for such services would require you to provide some important information as well as supply a unique Password, with which you may login to them.


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When you sign up for many of these online services such Payoneer MasterCard, Netflix, , MSN, Webmail.cox, AT&T, Yahoomail, Gmail, Waptrick MP3 Download service, Waphan, Rediffmail, AOLmail, GMX Mail, etc, using separate passwords, there is a huge tendency that you may forget or loose your Passwords which you choose during signing up.

In this article therefore, we looked at how how you can resolve your Password issues, including changing or resetting a lost or forgotten Netflix account Password. Now if you have forgotten or think that your Netflix Account Password has been compromised and the hacker is doing something funny with your account, here is how you can outrightly stop that unauthorized user from having access to your Netflix Account.


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How to Reset Netflix Account Password:

If you forget or lost your Netflix Account Password, the following are the steps you must follow to recover your Netflix Account Password. You can Change or Reset your Password using the steps below:

  1. Using your preferred web browser, open the Netflix homepage at
  2. Select the “Sign In” link.
  3. At the login page, click the link -“Forgot Your Email or Password”
  4. Click on the box tagged “Email” and Supply the email address that you used to Create a Netflix Account.
  5. Click on “Continue”.
  6. Once you finish that, Netflix will send you an email with instructions on how you can reset your password.
  7. Go to your email box and open the email you received from Netflix Account titled “Netflix Password Request”.


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  1. Click the link that says “Click Here”.
  2. As soon as as you select that blue link in your mail inbox, a new page is opened where you can reset your password.
  3. Click on the box tagged “New Password” and type in and confirm the new password that you want to use for your Netflix Account. Don’t forget to select the check box there to mark it for security reasons.

Note that as soon as you finish doing the above steps, you would have automatically logged out any unauthorized user of your account, currently logged into your Netflix account.

  • Click Save.

Finally, you are safe and good to go.


Congratulations. This is because Your Netflix account password has been changed or reset for good. You don’t have t cry again because you have fully recovered you Netflix Account Password which was compromised. You have total control over your Netflix Account.


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Keep your Account Password safe by writing it out and keeping securely if you think that you might forget it or loose it like before. Should you have questions and comments about Netflix Account Password and other related questions, write in to us using the comment box below. Share this post!

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