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Here is a step by step guide to install WordPress to your Bluehost Domain! WordPress is an app; a content management system (CMS) used for designing a website or a blog in very simple ways. It is very easy to use and absolutely free.

WordPress is open source software built for everyone who wants to set up businesses online. Your business needs a good website and you need a great blog to write about your personal experiences or businesses. WordPress provides you with that. However, you need a webhost and a domain to start with. I recommend you get Bluehost!

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Here it is:
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When you follow the simple steps in the above article to get web-hosting from Bluehost (with a Free Domain), you’ll receive Login Information to your Control Panel. That is where you’ll Install WordPress. It is easy and automatic and can be done in few steps. Here we go….

Install WordPress to your Bluehost Domain!Quick Guide to Install WordPress

Step One!
Login to your Control Panel:

In this step, you’ll use the login information (Username and Password) sent to your email to login to your control panel.

Step Two!
Click the Install WordPress Icon:

Scroll down until you get to the website section of the control panel, then click “Install WordPress” icon.

Intall WordPress to Bluehost Domain

Click “Continue”.

Step Three!
Specify Domain Name to Install WordPress:

In this step, you’ll specify an appropriate domain name to install WordPress. This could that Free Domain you got from Bluehost when you signed up for Bluehost webhosting!

Also, you’ll tick any premium plugin available and ensure that directory is totally empty before the installation.Intall WordPress to Bluehost Domain

Step Four!
Enter Admin Information:

In this step, you’re expected to put in your admin information (Username and Password) to authenticate/authorise your installation. Intall WordPress to Bluehost Domain

Next thing you’ll see is >>> WordPress Installation!

You’ll wait for it to finish. S soon as WordPress installation reaches 100%, you’ll be notified.


Now, it’s time to view your WordPress admin dashboard and install necessary things (Plugins0 to build your blog and website with). The url for your dashboard should be in this format: The Dashboard should look like this:


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Wrapping up

WordPress remains one of the easiest and simplest platform to create a blog or design a website any day. Installing WordPress to a Bluehost Domain is simple and will only take you 4 steps. It is official, Bluehost is the best webhost for blogging according to and  I recommend Bluehost Webhosting to you.


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I hope this tutorial about How to install WordPress to your new Bluehost Domain, sure helped you. Feel free to leave a question and also tell me about your experiences so far. Are you new to blogging, don’t forget to reach out for assistance. Do share this tutorial with your friends on social media.

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