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Have you heard that the 2017 JAMB Result is Out. Feel free to check your JAMB Result online by yourself without the use of JAMB scratch card. It’s EASY and FREE OF CHARGE. You can even check your JAMB Result without scratch card.

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The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) headquarters in fulfillment of their  promise of releasing candidates’ results on schedule has announced that that JAMB Results of all those who have concluded their JAMB Examination is out and is available for checking and printing. All you need to login in are your email address and password. You don’t need to use your JAMB Reg Number to check your JAMB Result. 

Therefore, if you sat for or participated in the JAMB Examination which started since Saturday; the 13th of May 2017,  be informed that you are free to access JAMB portal in order to check your JAMB Result online. All eligible results has been released and uploaded online by the management of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB).

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The following questions have been asked by JAMB Candidates with respect to their JAMB result and they include:

  1. How to Print my JAMB Result
  2. Is JAMB Result Out?
  3. How Can i Check My JAMB Result?
  4. Do I Need JAMB Admission Checker to Check my JAMB Result?
  5. Can I check JAMB Result with only registration number
  6. JAMB Result checker without scratch card
  7. Have They Released JAMB Result?
  8. When is JAMB Result going to be Out?
  9. How long will it take for JAMB Result to be Released?
  10. When are they going to release the result of those who has written their own JAMB Examination?

In this post, I am going to answer your questions straightaway. But let me update those who wrote the JAMB Exam and are waiting to know when their results will come out that that their JAMB Result has officially been released and uploaded online. You can now check your results.

How To Check JAMB Result Online | Print Your JAMB Result

Quickly follow my step by step guide in this tutorial to Check your JAMB Result online without the Result Checker, Scratch Card nor your Reg No.

Click this Link How To Check JAMB Result Online >>

Listed in that link are the steps to accessing and printing out your JAMB Result online, free of charge. You will need to do the following:

  1. Visit JAMB Portal
  2. Login to your account dashboard using your Email Address and Password.
  3. When the Page Opens, select “2017 UTME Examination Results”
  4. A notification showing your JAMB Scores in respective subjects and the Total JAMB Results is dispalyed.
    Note: If your Result is yet to be released, you will see a You Do Not Have Any Result Yet Notification which means you will have to check back later.
  5. Click on “Print Result”.

Three (3) Methods of Checking Your JAMB Result

I will like you to note that JAMB Results can be checked through any of these channels:

  • Through the JAMB portal: We have discussed this one in the step by step process above. This is the quickest, simplest, and best method. Follow the steps and you will successfully get your JAMB Result
  • SMS Alert from JAMB: If you participated in the JAMB examinations, your JAMB Results may also be sent to you as a Text Message. JAMB may send you a message which contains your JAMB Result.
    But exercise utmost caution with this channel as some fraudsters may exploit your anxiety and deceive you with  forge text messages of non existent JAMB Score.
  • Email Message from JAMB: Through the email address you used to register for JAMB or create your JAMB Profile, your Scores obtained from the exam may be sent to you. Each and every candidate that participated in the Exam can receive their scores directly to their email address. So if you have not received your own, continue to check your inbox, in your email Box.


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How long will it take for JAMB Result to be Released?

Normally, it shouldn’t take more that 2 working days for your  JAMB Result to be Released. But some technical hiccups may come up unexpectedly, which might cause a delay.

Do I Need JAMB Admission Checker to Check my JAMB Result?

No, you don’t need that to check your JAMB Result. You can even check your JAMB Result without scratch card. This is Free of Charge.

Have you printed out your  JAMB Result? Share your experience with me and other JAMBITES. If you are having difficulties checking your JAMB Result, send a message to me here in the comment box below and I will guide you. I wish you success.

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