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Here is the direct link to signup for a Payoneer account in Philippines» Sign up link here


Why You Should Sign Up for Payoneer Philippines?

Payoneer is one of the foremost and widely used global payment solutions. Outside PayPal, Payoneer is most preferred for many great reasons. The following are some of the advantages of applying for a Payoneer Account now.

  1. Flexible Service: Get paid by leading freelance marketplaces such as Fiverr, Freelancer etc.
  2. Simplicity: you receive payments from companies anywhere in the world and withdraw your money via either your Prepaid Payoneer Account or to your Local Bank Transfer
  3. Lesser charges: Up to 50% less than leading competitors.

  4. It comes with No Obligation: where you don’t have to pay for things like signing up or annual fees.

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Who is Payoneer?

Based in the U.S., Payoneer is one of the principal providers of global payment solutions to businesses. Available in over 200 countries and 100 national currencies, Payoneer Account assists business owners and service personnel to receive payments companies and service providers from around the world. Payoneer provides subscribers with a Card that can be used on ATM booths worldwide.

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If you have challenges with PayPal, or your country is restricted in one way or the other, making it difficult for you to be able to receive payments for services you provided online, then Payoneer is a great PayPal Alternative for you. In fact, everyone in Philippines and other countries around her should adopt right immediately. You might have received an email from Payoneer asking you to create Payoneer account and Get $25 for FREE. That isn’t bad right? Did I just hear you say yes?

Payoneer Master Card

If you stumbled on this blog and want a flexible and simple payment experiences, kindly click on the image to sign up or read down and follow the step by step guide on how to Create Payoneer Philippines Account.

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If you are in Philippines and you are involved with any online business like (Affiliate marketing, 99design, Fiverr, hit revenue, etc.) then Payoneer account is something you must have. In this post, we will see how to create Philippines Payoneer account and how to get Payoneer account in Philippines in just few clicks.

The Payoneer promo changes from time to time. It’s not always $25.

How to Sign up for a Payoneer Account | Payoneer Philippines Account

Step 1.
Go to and sign up for a free account.

Step 2.
Fill in your Names, Email Address etc exactly as you would want it to be. This should be same as what is in the ID card you’ll use for verification.

Step 3.
Fill in your Country, Home Address and Mobile Contacts. Make sure the address is accurate because your card will be sent to this address. Observe the KISS Rule – Keep It Short and Simple.

Step 4.
Set password, Secret Question and Answer and select your ID type eg Drivers license and put in the details of the ID as required.

Step 5.
Enter alternate shipping address if different from the address you provided earlier. This is the address your debit card will be shipped to in Nigeria.

Step 6.
Then “tick” all the terms and conditions.When you are done, click ORDER button.

Soon you will receive a confirmation email from Payoneer about the approval of your account request. And in that email, you will also be informed about the estimated date of your card arrival.

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As soon as your card is delivered to you, login to the Payoneer website, to activate the card. After activation, the card is now ready to use which means that you can now send and receive payments with it.

Congratulations! You just signed up for a Payoneer Account in Philippines. You just have to wait for your application to be reviewed before approval.

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Duration of the Application Process?

This will definitely vary for most people but it takes an average of 10 working days to get your account approved by Payoneer.

So let’s say you applied for the Philippines’s Payoneer account on November 05, 2016,

Application should be received and be reviewed by November 10, 2016

Then your Application approval should fall in anytime from November 15, 2016

And by December 02, 2016, your Payoneer account will be delivered to your address, then login to your Philippines Payoneer account and confirm your account.

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How to Login to Payoneer Account

  1. Kindly go to
  2. Click Login
  3. Enter your Username and Password and hit the login button.

How to Activate your Payoneer Account

  1. Login to your Payoneer Account.
  2. Click on ‘Activate’ button.
  3. Enter the ‘16 digit card number‘ from your newly received Payoneer account so that Payoneer can verify that you’ve received the card.
  4. Then choose 4 digit PIN that you will be using in ATMs and stores. Don’t forget these 4 digit.
  5. Click on ‘Activate’.

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On the next page, it will be confirmed by showing a message “Your request was successfully performed”. You will also receive an Email confirming your activation success. Now you can start using the card.

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I’m sure that this tutorial – Payoneer Account | How to Apply for a Payoneer Philippines & Receive $25 Bonus; was helpful. Please share with colleagues and drop your comment in the box below, should you need clarifications or any questions for us.

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