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Benefits of Social Media Screenings.

Organizations Benefit from Social Media Screenings

Most employers have never heard of a social media background check. However, this is one of the best ways employers can find out exactly who they are hiring. Employers have the right to know what their employees do outside of work if it is affecting the image of the company. That is the basis for this type of background check. Today, even the most well educated and well-mannered people are found doing foolish things on social media. Foolish behavior will not only hurt the employee, but it will damage the image of the boss and the company, too.

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Employers have the right to conduct their own background checks on social media sites. However, there are new digital gadgets being developed every day that let visitors to a page to only get so far. Visitors will be able to see the employee taking pictures with politicians, but they will not be able to see the employee drunk out of his/her mind last night.


At the very least, when employers visit social media pages of employees, they will be able to see their timeline. This will be able to confirm the schools the employees attended, the names of their family members, their past relationships, and major issues they may have faced in the past. 90% of social media pages do not let the owner of the account make his/her timeline private.

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Every day, more laws are being past to stop visitors and stalkers from visiting social media pages they are not affiliated with on a regular basis. Several states have already passed these laws, and people who do not obey these laws will face the consequences. It is important for employers to take advantage of conducting their own background check while they are able to do it. Statistically, it has been stated that within three years, in America, it will illegal for people to visit social media pages where they have no affiliation. Social media companies are expected to get stricter with how they protect their members from strangers and stalkers visiting their page.


Today, many employers are turning to FAMA. FAMA is a company that specializes in conducting background checks on current and potential employees. FAMA has professional investigators on staff. These individuals know how to search social media pages without leaving a trace. Their prices are affordable, and all of their clients are handled on a confidential basis. The FAMA website is filled with thousands of success stories from employers.

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Employers are also turning to private social media check software. This software helps employers locate passwords for the social media accounts of their employees. The employees will never be notified of this, and the software is said to be 99% accurate.


This type of software has helped employers terminate employees that would late be seen on the news breaking the law. This type of software has also helped employers find out if a certain employee has been embezzling money from the company. It is amazing how many people have been found actually posting saying that would later incriminate them.

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Wrapping Up

It is important for employers to take a stand against social media privacy when it comes to damaging a company. Employers can no longer trust a smile alone. They need to make sure their employees are not living double-lives.

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