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MMM Has finally Put Some Measures In Place To Prevent To Prevent a Near-Collapse of The System As Witnessed in December 2016. Following the financial stress which resulted to a near crashing of it’s financial system in December 2016, MMMOffice Nigeria has rolled out new and strict measures to ensure sanity, absoluteness, consistency and sustainability of the system. All these measures are Put in Place To Prevent What Happened in December 2016 from repeating itself.

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Really, What Happened to MMM in December 2016?

On that faithful day, many happy investors in the MMM financial system woke up to the news that MMM has frozen their accounts because they obviously were not able to meet up with “Request for Withdrawal” obligations.
Donors otherwise called investors who Provided Help (PH) a month earlier were barred from Getting Help (GH) even when they were due for that, based on the algorithm of the MMM system. People were stranded becasue many hoped to GH in order to meet their needs fro Christmas celebrations. That ugly and unfortunate development sparked off massive outcry and media lashings to the MMM from all and sundry. That issue lasted for about three (3) months before the system managers decided to lift off the ban.

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What Measures Have Been Put In Place To Prevent What Happened in December 2016

What Happened in December 2016 was and still remains a sour on the body of many genuine and greedy investors of the MMM system. In fact, it will take months and years to heal these wounds.On its part, MMM has learnt their lessons in a hard way. However, they have put some drastic measures in place to forestall a repeat of that development in the near future.

Some of the measures they adopted include:

  1. Holding Out Investment Till Maturity Date: Unlike the practice in previous times, donors are effectively disallowed from Getting Help (GH) until the maturity date of your investment (that is the Help your Provided) which is usually about 3 to 4 weeks.
  2. Making You Pay Almost Immediately Once You Signify Interest to Provide Help (PH): This effectively ensures that participants shows commitment to the growth of the system and avoid disappointments.

Many other incentives have also been put in place to drive back traffic to the MMM portal, recruit other users and make the system strong again. Some of them include Online tasks, offline tasks and lots more.


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Now, with these Measures Put in Place To Prevent What Happened in December 2016 from repeating itself, I believe that participants are better equipped with tools to make better decisions about their future involvement in the system. But remember, MMM is a platform for mutual help where people just donate their money to each other. Participate with spare money only! Namecheap is the Bae -Host Your WordPress Blog and Websites for as low as $3.98/year!!

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