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iOS 10 Review

Apple has yet again made their biggest release so far; the new iOS 10. The latest release comes with some amazing features you don’t want to be told about. With the iOS 10, everything you love is now even better.

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Functionalities of the iOS 10

You can do wonderful things for yourself in bold new ways including:

  1. Messaging
  2. Finding your direction with superbly redesigned Maps.
  3. Share photo memories with great sophistication more than ever before.
  4. Maximize Siri’s abilities in many more apps.
  5. Many more things you can do with iOS 10.

Features of the iOS 10.

1.  Compatibility:

The new iOS 10 is very compatible with older versions. In fact, it can work with iPhone 5, iPad 3, iPad mini 2 and iPod touch 6th gen or higher.

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It is available on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. But it may not work with very much older phones or tablets that uses the 30-pin dock connector or an older iPad mini or iPod touch.

2.  iOS 10 Automatic Wake:

With the new iOS 10, just pick up your phone and it will wake up. Mobile notifications don’t go away when brushing up against Touch ID.

Actually, Apple rebuilt the lockscreen of iPhone and iPad, giving users the best screen feelings since their first iPhone nine years ago. With new iOS 10, Slide to unlock is eliminated and replaced with “Press Home to open” instruction. Isn’t that simple?

3.  Loaded Screen-Lock Notification:

The new iOS 10 is unique such that there is no need to exit the home screen for quick reads and replies. It perfectly works with third-party apps like Uber and Apple Home devices.

Notifications are broken up into bubbles now and it uses the 3D Touch to show hidden menu actions.

4.  Clear all notifications button:

The new iOS 10 allows you to delete all notifications at once with 3D Touch. It’s as simple as that. Ordinarily, swiping them away one after the other is a waste of time in iOS 9.

Just press down the little “x” icon within the redesigned (and now dedicated) notifications pull down menu and select the “clear all” box that pops up. Tap it once to just dismiss the group of notifications.

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5.  Water detection:

With the new iOS 10 phones, Apple has made it easier to avoid potential water damage to iPhones. You will recall that only iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are water-resistant, but all other iPhones are not. However, iOS 10 will warn of possible water damage and provide instructions

6.  De-cluttering of Control Center

Apple redesigned the new iOS 10 such that when you swipe it up from the bottom of the menus, it is split into several panels, broken into quick settings, media playback and Apple Home.

This new feature is actually something Apple users have been asking for.

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7.  Camera and ‘widgets’ Lock:

With the new iOS 10, it’s easier to flip on the camera because sliding the lockscreen right (when Control Center isn’t open) automatically transitions to the camera app.

To do this, slide left to reveal the new spot for the “Today widgets” and Slide right to reveal the new camera shortcut.

And guess what?

Updating is free and easy. To see how to upgrade to the new iOS 10, go to the Apple Store: How to Upgrade to iOS 10.

In conclusion, this article covered iOS 10 Review, revealing some of it’s amazing functions and features you will love to handle. Hope you will enjoy the new iOS 10. Leave a comment and tell us how you feel about it.

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