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Without mercy and compassion, Instagram social media has gone berserk! Instagram have continued to mercilessly rip off what is remaining of SnapChat. This is rather sad for the owners of SnapChat.

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In it’s most recent updates; version 10.21 for iOS and Android, Instagram; one of the world’s largest social media in terms of user base, boldly added new and exquisite selfie filters which looks and works almost same way as Snapchat’s filters. Moreover, users are permitted to reverse the filters just like you would do in SnapChat.

For Android Users:

If your smart phone or device is of Android brand, you can simply tap a button and automatically activate the face filters mode. Right there also, users can make selections or choose from a variety of filters at the bottom. These filters does update and animate in real-time.

Instagram never showed any atom of mercy to SnapChat. They went ahead and copied almost everything; Instagram also copied the actual filters.

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The filters presently on Instagram look very identical to the ones on Snapchat. With similar features such as “Opening your mouth for additional effects and animations”, you will understand that SnapChat is in trouble!

Also, users can record a video with these additional effects and animations or take a picture, which you can upload to your story or send in a private message or to a group.

One other mighty “ripped off” which is a new feature on Instagram new update is Rewind. In REWIND, users are able to make a video plays in the reverse order. This is mind boggling!

Other additional features on Instagram social media includes: “adding hashtags to your story photos” and “an eraser brush”.


I am telling you friend, with the way in which Instagram massacred, ripped off and almost certainly rendered SnapChat comatose, I don’t know if SnapChat can survive this onslaught.

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Anyways, I wish that SnapChat will rise to this challenge if it still has any last breath in it, and redeem it’s battered glory. Otherwise, it might go the way of MySpace.

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What do you say about this Royal Rumble; Instagram Vs Snapchat Battles – How Instagram is Ripping Off Snapchat Bigly!? Which one should you pick? We love comments.


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