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With the lunching of the Facebook Live Audio Broadcast, Facebook has continued to add value to the community of users who daily use Facebook for business meetings, entertainment and learning. Outside the Live 360, the  Facebook Live Audio Broadcast is another great way to go live on Facebook. You can substantially increase traffic to your blog and increase your chances to earn big income online.

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Unlike the Facebook Video, the Facebook Live Audio Broadcast works well on slower networks as it only transmits your voice and no videos. In fact, this a wonderful feature for you if you have limited megabytes of data, or you are reading out a message from somewhere. If you are also shy and have a dislike for videos, then Facebook Live Audio Broadcast is great for you.

With the Facebook Live Audio Broadcast, Facebook managers suggests that android mobile device users are able to keep on  getting a Live Audio broadcast when they open another app or even lock up their phone. Also, iPhone mobile users (iOS)  can still listen to  a Facebook Live Audio Broadcast as they do other things online. This is awesome for people who love multitasking.

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Benefits of the Facebook Live Audio Broadcast

Note that the Facebook Live Audio Broadcast is only available to smartphone users (Android and iOS mobile fitted devices). The following are some of the amazing benefits you will get from Facebook Live Audio Broadcast:

  • Works well on slower networks
  • Consumes less data when compared to Facebook Live Video Broadcast
  • Listeners can find Facebook Live Audio Broadcast content in News Feed.
  • Users can also ask and leave beautiful reactions in real time during the broadcast.
  • Everyone can share with their friends, with ease.

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How To Use Facebook Live Audio

Another great news is that live streaming is the Facebook Audio Broadcast is allowed on our business/ fan pages. It is also available on user’s Facebook profile. The following are the steps to using the Facebook Live Audio Broadcast:

  1. Open the Facebook app from your smartphone (Android or iPhone) smartphone.
  2. Click your “Status Update” to see “Go Live”.
  3. Select “Go Live” you will see (…) and then proceed to choose the live audio option.
  4. Click “Start Live Audio” to share with friends.

Wrapping up:

As a new user, you can enjoy this new Facebook Live Audio Broadcast feature when you know how to use it properly. So I encourage it to practice and practice until you feel perfect. Also, for better voice quality, I want you to get a good headset fitted with microphone.

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Was this tutorial about How to Use Facebook Live Audio Broadcast helpful? Feel free to leave a question and also tell me about your experiences so far. If you are a new user, don’t forget to reach out for assistance. Do share this tutorial with your friends on social media. TechMatas Cares!

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