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Set up Yahoo Mail on iPhone & iPad.

Do you use iPhone or iPad and you wish to access your Yahoo Mail account using these devices browser or Safari? That is not asking too much. But you can also access your Yahoo Email Account using a specially dedicated email application on your iPhone’s and iPad’s device. This process is as simple as any thing you can think of. Again, you have the privilege of setting this up from the comfort of your rooms.

Thankfully, accessing your Yahoo Mail account using iPhone and iPad devices browser or Safari and accessing same using a specially dedicated email application on your iPhone’s and iPad’s device works well. There’s no problem with either of the ways. So, feel free to set up your Yahoomail account in iPhone Mail app because it is absolutely easy and straight to the point.

How to Access Yahoo Mail Account in iPhone Mail

The following are the steps to set up or configure your Yahoo Mail account for using your iPhone Mail app. This will enable you to the the traditional task of exchanging mails to and from your colleagues and friends – sending and receiving emails using your iPhone Mail:

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Step 1. Tap Settings on the iPhone Home screen. The following window is opened.

yahoo mail setup


Step 2: Go to Mail-Contacts-Calendars.


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Step 3: Select Add Account button. This is located under Accounts.

yahoo mail setup


Step 4: Select Yahoo!
If you want to set up other email accounts, make your choice and continue.

Step 5: Enter your name under Name.

Step 6: Enter your full Yahoomail address under Address bar.

Step 7: Enter your Yahoomail password under Password and Tap Next.

setup yahoo email on iphone

NOTE: Make sure Mail is ON.


Step 8: Hit Save.

At this point, Press the Home button and Access a Yahoomail Account in iPhone Mail 1 and 2. Success. You have successfully set up your Yahoo Mail Account.


For other fields, use the following settings details for other field detail:

Incoming mail server

Host name :

User name : Your Yahoo Email address

Password : Yahoo email password

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Outgoing mail server

Host name :

User name : Your Yahoo full email address details

Password : Your Yahoo email password.

Step 9: Select ‘Next’ option.
Your iOS device is now displaying “verifying” while it attempt to connect to the mail servers. Once the process is completed, it will display screen titled IMAP. Then tap save option to conclude.

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