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Set Up Email Accounts To Blackberry Device

Over the years, blackberry devices have received a massive patronage and users across boards are exploring the potentials and facilities provided on this unique mobile device. Some of the basic features of the Blackberry device is the auto Email Account. If you are a Blackberry mobile phone user and you are yet to link or add your email address to your phone, then you have just been loosing out on this great facility.

In this article today, I will show you simple step by step guides with pictures, of how you can safely and easily set up or add not just your Gmail Account , AOL Mail Account Registration or your Yahoo Mail Account but any type of Email Account to your blackberry phone. But before we continue this ride, I’d like to let you know some of the reasons why one may need to add one’s email address account to you Blackberry phone. The following points below are great reasons why you need to have blackberry email account(s) added to you Blackberry device.

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Why You Need to add your Email Account to your Blackberry Phone

  1. You eliminate the need to go to your web browser to check your mails once you have done that.
  2. Time is saved and stress of going back and forth the browser to check and read mails is terminated.
  3. Quick access to your email accounts. You read and respond to your mail as fast as possible.
  4. Compose and attach files to the mails you are about to send just as if you’re are using a desktop or laptop.
  5. Receive quick email notifications through your Blackberry Hub. This is smart, isn’t it?

How to Set up Email Accounts on your Blackberry Device

Step 1: Tap “Setup” option on your Blackberry menu.

blackberry email

Step 2: Select the option “Accounts” (below it you will see “Add email, social networking, and other accounts.

blackberry email

Step 3: Hit on the “Add Account” Button.

Step 4: Select the first option written “Email, Calender and Contacts


Step 5: Kindly type in your correct email address in the box written “Enter Email Address” and Tap the Next button located at the upper right hand.

blackberry email


Step 6: At this point, you will be returned to GMail login page where you just have to type in your password and Tap the “Sign in” button


Step 7: Simply tap the Allow button (Blue color) at the bottom right of the page.


You will see “saving and verifying your settings” notification, kindly wait for it to load, once it done loading, move to the next step.

Step 8: at the Description page, Kindly tap “Done” located at the right upper part of the page.

blackberry email


Congratulations for successfully adding your email account to your Blackberry device. You can now close or minimize that page.

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How To Confirm if have you successfully added your Email account to your Blackberry

To confirm that you have correctly set up your email account on your Blackberry device,

Go to your Blackberry Hub, you will see the email address you just added to your Blackberry mail Hub.

So you can choose to open your inbox right away using your Blackberry phone.

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