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Protect Your Devices

Security and cyber security in particular is as important as life. Due to the ever increasing dependence on the Internet, wireless networks such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and the proliferation of “smart” devices, including smartphones and televisions, the security of theses digital devices should be a top priority and must be factored into the business decisions of any serious minded and progressive organization.

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You must protect your devices from theft or damage to the hardware and software components as well as information it contains. A great security control will prevent unwarranted disruption or misdirection of the services provided to your digital devices by controlling physical access to it as well as protecting from harm that may come via network access, data and code injection.

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Some of the systems that are top targets are:

  • Financial Systems: Sites and platforms that accept or store credit card numbers, brokerage accounts, and bank account information.
  • Government and military systems.
  • Aviation systems: air traffic control systems.
  • Consumer Goods: Smart phones, tablet computers, smart watches, and other mobile devices.
  • Utilities and manufacturing equipments.

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Some days ago, Europe and America witnessed and fell for the worse cyber attack in recent years, were sensitive data were lost or damaged. Therefore, in this article, we have carefully analysed some of the avenues through which you and your devices could be attacked. We also presented you with some of the best ways to protect your devices and internet connection from being hacked.

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What Makes Your Devices Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks?

  • Unprotected Web cams and other external hardwares.
  • You frequently visit streaming sites; unsecured streaming sites and channels.
  • Linking to an unsecured and dubious website from social media platforms. You will recall that Facebook, Twitter and other social media’s will always warn you when you are linking to another website.
  • Some pop-up menu from other links such as ads requesting you to Click for HD video, speed Internet, free calls, are all linked to cyber attacks.

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How to Protect Your Devices and Internet Connection from Being Hacked Successfully.

Among other security precautions such as setting up a firewall for your devices, you’ll also need to do the following:

  1. First of all, make sure your webcam is covered when not active. People can hack your camera easily…and most times, such people can get away with something they can use to set you up.
  2. Disconnect any hardware device that connects to sensitive data.
  3. Ensure that your disk and sensitive data are encrypted.
  4. Ensure you set up a proper Authentication mechanism for your device: It could be a Multi-factor authentication or Two-factor authentication

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Some countries in Europe and America have put up some legislation and security response teams to protect their computer networks.

Like in Europe, links that display in Russian language is viewed as suspicious. It is believed that Europe is building a new cyber mall to encounter Russian cyber war but Russians.

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In conclusion, security is key for any organization. You must Protect Your Devices and Internet Connection from Being Hacked so that that you don’t lose your devices or have your information lost.

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