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Mobile App to Help Women Get Pregnant.

Getting pregnant after marriage is the concern of most women. This is especially the case in African, Middle Eastern and Caribbean countries, as children are regarded as great assets for continuity and success of the family.

Before now, women use to do that the old paper-and-pencil way, that is, trying to do a mathematical calculation of their ovulation cycles in order to determine when to meet with their man and get pregnant. However, this method is prone to mistakes and had resulted to a lot of unwanted pregnancies and delays in getting pregnant for most couples.

Nowadays, the stories have changed due to the advent of Mobile technology. – These days, it looks  like there’s an app for just about everything. I have just read about an app to get pregnant – conceive a baby!

Many Smartphone addict says that these pregnancy apps have taken over the job and is doing it quite well – well for some people, as they claim. These apps can sometimes provide electronic reminders and other things as well,” he said.

In an observed report , it is likely that their is an app that could assist women get pregnant as numerous apps and products are already in the shops. These products claim to help women improve fertility.

Examples of Pregnancy Mobile Apps are:

  1. Ovia.
  2. Glow and
  3. Clue.
  4. Kindara’s Wink wireless oral fertility thermometer
  5. KNOWHEN’s Saliva Fertility Monitor
  6. Ovatemp’s basal thermometer

These apps claims to track everything from body temperature to blood pressure to ovulation. Technically, if a woman is able to track what’s going on with her body, then she can most likely be able to have a breakthrough getting pregnant — with or without a doctor’s help.

You can download any of these apps from:

App Store      • Google Play Store

Concerns About The Pregnancy App

The major concern about this app is the cost. The price of these fertility  app products rages from $60 to $130. Many apps online go for free and women may not be willing to pay this much for a pregnancy app. It is expected that the cost will come down soon.

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