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Change Facebook Fan Page Name.

In recent past, Facebook placed limits to changing page name depending on the number of “Likes” it has. They were 100 likes and later 200 likes. That means if we have page which hasn’t reached 200 likes yet, then we can easily change page name.

However, there were still issues to changing name after exceeding 200 likes limit. This issue resulted into he introduction of a certain Facebook feature were Page owners would have to submit request and wait for approval.

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Therefore we will show you how to Change your Facebook Fan Page Name, in 3 different methods. Follow us as we reveal them to you.

1st Method – Direct Support Form To Submit Change Page Name Request

This is a method that will provide you a for to contact Facebook support. I believe that this method will work for you if the previous 2 above did not work.

You have to know that Facebook is very strict and choosy with respect to its many services. As a result, they continually change their policies with lots of conditions attached to them.

  1. Open the Facebook Page, that you want to change it’s name..
  2. At the top-right corner, select “settings”.
  3. On the Tab just beneath the Page banner, select “More”
  4. A Pop-up is opened. Click on Edith Page info. The Edith Page form is opened were you will edit your name and other information.
  5. Type in your preferred new name, make other changes and submit.

Note that you can change so many properties of your Page name from this method. So go ahead and try it out now.

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2nd Method – Change Facebook Fan Page Name – Normal Way.

This is the first method and it is straight forward. In order to change name on Facebook, you need to submit a request to Facebook for a change in the name of your page.

To accomplish this task, follow the steps given below.

  • Open your Facebook page for which you want new name.
  • Click On About Section visible on left sidebar just below profile picture.
  • Now Page Info will visible and there is 2nd option for Name.
  • Hover over the Name section and click “Edit”.
  • Type a New Name and
  • Click on “Continue” button to proceed request.

At this point, you are good to go. Wait for Facebook to approve your request for a change of Facebook Page Name.

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3rd Method – Change Facebook Page Name With “Suggest Edit” Option.

If the previous method is not good for you or did not work for you, try out this second method, which is a big but secret way to change Facebook page name. This option is only visible to those who are not admin or having any page roles.

This method allow us to do little corrections on page name just by getting suggestions from friends and page fans. Officially Facebook suggests don’t use this option for new name. But we can try this to do little correction. Its totally depends on number of suggestions you can receive. Lets take example if your page having 1000 likes then approx 20-50 suggestions are sufficient. You just need to ask your friends to suggest exactly same name.

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Should you want to check where is an option then i recommend to use alternative account.

  • First of all this access this feature we need to change our Page category to Local Business. Then add Address in Page info and make sure MAP will be visible after adding.
  • After doing above changes >> Just below cover picture there is an option for “More”.
  • Click on More option >> Then “Suggest Edits”.
  • Now popup window will appear with multiple option. Click On Edit Name option.
  • Add New Name and
  • Click on continue button to submit suggestion.
  • In the same ask you friends to do for that specific page.
  • Within 24-48 hours Page Owner will received notification regarding suggestion. Then Simply approve suggested name and all done.

Note: This is just a suggestion for you to try it out but at your own risk. We will be not responsible for any mistake or error.

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In conclusion, we hope that you found this guide “How to change name on Facebook Page Name” interesting and educational? Please share it with your friends. Leave your comment for us on the comment section because we want to hear from you. 

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