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Switch From Blogger To WordPress.

Whether you call it switch from blogger to WordPress, move from blogger to WordPress, port from blogger to WordPress, transfer from blogger to WordPress, migrate from blogger to WordPress, blogger to WordPress – how to switch, the reality is that many bloggers who created their blog using blogger platform have continued to change from blogger to WordPress.

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This is the case with OgbongeBlog, who just switched from From Blogger To WordPress platform after so many years of romance with blogger. It is unbelievable….but it that is what happened. The Nigeria pro-blogger who owns and manages ogbongeblog, a tech blog in Nigeria for How Tos, has finally decided to port from blogger platform to WordPress platform.

You know very well that this guy is too good with blogger and has even written and is distributing a free eBook about how to start a blog with blogger. In fact, many bloggers in Nigeria and indeed West Africa got inspiration from this guy and his blog to set up their own blog. To some people, I’m sure that it is really shocking why he had to dump blogger but I have known that he will eventually switch. And switching he has done by this singular action.

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, whose blog has been among the top ranking blog announced this update on his blog post page.

Hear him…

I am delighted to inform you that I’ve finally moved Ogbongeblog from Blogger to WordPress and I’ve tried to make the design to look like that of the blogspot. Still working on it though.

More details shortly – and I will share tips and tutorials on how to migrate from Blogger to WordPress at the Ogbongeblog forum.

But why would an established blogger like Jide who started a blog on switch from blogger platform to WordPress? There could be something that WordPress offers which is significantly better than what Blogger gives. Below let us discuss some the reasons that could make one move to WordPress from Blogger.

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Why You May Switch From Blogger To WordPress.

There are numerous reasons why anyone would Switched From Blogger To WordPress, just like Ogbongeblog has done. Some of these reasons ranges from:

  1. Better Content Management of web and blog resources.
  2. Abundant plugins to improve customization of blog layout and graphics user interface.
  3. Better presentation of your blog contents.
  4. Reduced issues with loading your websites from some browsers.
  5. Faster loading and display on Mobile devices and smartphones.
  6. Improved indexing by search engines.
  7. Makes your blog more Professional.

In fact, according to one of of the guys out there, every blogger have reason for switching to WordPress from Blogger. It’s a personal decision anyway. When I was operating on blogging platforms, I was having some setback in fighting with my competitors on search engine until I port to WordPress. Today, I’m ranking well on Google with my powerful website. I love WordPress because it makes you more and more professional in your work. So it’s good. You are welcome.

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What You Need To Switch From Blogger To WordPress

To successfully Switch From Blogger To WordPress, you need the following:

  1. A Custom domain from a reputable web hosting.
  2. An admin right to your domain dashboard.
  3. Ability to install WordPress app to your domain. Although, if you choose one of these web hosting services, they will install it for you, free of charge.
  4. Auto transfer of all your blog files (including articles, images, video/audio files etc) to the proper folders in WordPress app platform.
  5. Ability to map all your links in blogger straight to WordPress.
  6. Ability to maintain your SEO efforts without loosing all the traffic you struggled to build on blogger platform. This you should also do without having Not found(crawl errors) on Google webmaster tool.

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How To Switch From Blogger To WordPress.

Step 1: Get a New Web Host.

Before you can transfer, you’ll need to buy a web hosting account (that come with a free domain) from a reputable web hosting company. If you already have a custom domain name, you only need to purchase a web hosting account.

To Get a Web host and a custom domain, I recommend you choose any of the following web hosting. below. You must set this up before you can proceed to the next step.

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From, any of these web hosting services; you can get a domain name and webhosting for as low as $10 to $20 (N3750 to N7500). As soon as you sign up, you will be able to follow the steps below to design your own web hosting micro niche blog. You’ll also start earning money by selling their products via a link in your blog.

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Step 2: Install WordPress On Your Domain.

In this stage, you’ll install WordPress software on your domain. Your web hosting will provide with the step-by-step guide to install WordPress. Don’t worry, it is a very simple process.  Assuming you bought Hostgator web hosting, here is a quick guide to installing WordPress software on your domain.

Otherwise, after buying web hosting from the list of web hosting services in the table above, they will help you install WordPress software on your domain, if you request them to help you. I can also assist you.

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Step 3: Export Your Blogger Site.

At this stage, you’re going to export your present Blogger site. This is simply downloading all the files you have already in your blogger blog, including your articles, images, video/audio files). The steps to exporting your Blogger site are as follows:

  1. Login to your Blogger dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Other.
  3. On this page click on the Back Up Content button under the Import & Back Up section.
  4. Save your backup to a safe location on your computer. This file will be saved in a .xml format.

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Step 4: Import To WordPress

At this stage, you’ll login to your newly purchased WordPress domain, and import all of the Blogger data you just downloaded in Step 3. The steps to importing your Blogger files to WordPress are as follows:

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Tools > Import.
    You’ll find out that one of the options available is Blogger.
  3. Click on it.
    If you haven’t used this feature before, then you’ll need to click Install Now to activate this feature.
  4. As soon as installation is completed, Click on on the option called Activate Plugin & Run Importer.
  5. Now, upload your .xml file from Step 3.
  6. Finally, assign an author to all of the imported posts.

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Step 5: Switch Over Your Permalinks Properly.

Permalinks refers to the layout or arrangements of your blog’s URLs. I’m sure that you want all your links to remain the same and appear in search results as fast as possible. This is an important step so pay attention as I show you what to do:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Permalinks.
  2. Choose the option box that says Month and name. This might be the best for your structure, especially if you are coming from the Blogger platform.

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Step 6: Redirect To WordPress From Blogger

This is another important step in switching from Blogger to WordPress. You’ll have to redirect your blogger site to your new WordPress site. Doing this will ensure that everyone of your blog reader, who is visiting your Blogger site will automatically land on the right web page of your new WordPress Blog.

Experts suggest we use a plugin, to automate this process. A plugin such as Blogger 301 Redirect will be excellent for this process. The following is the guide to install Blogger 301 Redirect, Activate this plugin, and do your redirection from Blogger to WordPress:

  1. On your dashboard, Select “Plugins” and click “Add New”.
  2. Enter and Search for your choice of plugin.
  3. Click to Install and afterwards, click “Activate”.
  4. Follow the subsequent instructions to get this plugin up and running.

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Step 7: Set Up Redirects For RSS Feeds

Now, you’ll need to redirect your RSS feed to your new WordPress feed. See the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Other within your Blogger dashboard.
  2. Click on Addnext to the Post Feed Redirect URL
  3. Now, add the URL of your current WordPress feed.

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Step 8:  Import Your Images To Your New WordPress Blog

This is the final step in switching from Blogger to WordPress. It is through that step4 took care of importing every file to your new WordPress site, however, some images might be stubborn and refuse to join other files in this wonderful journey.

You can go through some of your important and ranking posts and find out out which images are missing. Download the original images and follow these steps to rectify the problem:

  1. Navigate to Media > Add New within your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Upload these images to the relevant posts and pages.
  3. click save.

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Wrapping Up

Switching from Blogger to WordPress is simple but you’ll have to take your time and do it perfectly. We usually say that what is wort doing is wort doing very well. But if you find it hard to do, I’m available to help you change your blog from blogger to WordPress.

As soon as you’ve completed all the above 8 steps, it is good practice and I recommend that you go over every post and page on your new WordPress site/blog to ensure that everything is perfectly okay and nothing missing. If you have successfully implemented all the steps we listed above, then you’re now the proud owner of a new WordPress Blog. Congratulations!

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I hope this tutorial about:  How to Switch From Blogger To WordPress – How OgbongeBlog Switched From Blogger To WordPress, sure helped you. Feel free to leave a question and also tell me how you managed to move your blog from Blogger to WordPress. Don’t forget to share this tutorial with your friends on social media.

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