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How to Make Money With My Blog!  

Are you finding it difficult to make money online from your blog even with google adsense? Have adsense refused to approve your application for ads? Then this tutorial is helpful for you.

make Money with Blog

Now friends,  I want to share with you the How I Make Money With TechMatas! I’m sharing this particular article based on popular demands from many readers and viewers of TechMatas from around the world, who sought to know how I manage to sustain this blog up-til now, even without popular Google Adsense! This is a serious matter and I’m not joking at all!

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Many bloggers in Nigeria, bloggers in Ghana, Bloggers in South Africa, Bloggers in Kenya and USA, Philippines, India etc have asked how I make money from without Google Adesense. Do you know that I have been receiving invitations to share adsense codes on some of my ranking articles, so that I could share earnings with the owner, but I’ve bluntly refused those offers.

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So in this post, I shared some of the methods I have used and how I utilize them to make money from my blog. Stay put and ensure that you apply the tricks I’ll show you.

How I Make Money With TechMatas!

The following are a listing of some of the ways I sue to to monetize my blog. I’m constantly seeking for new and improved ways to earn income from my efforts; so this list will be validated as I add new opportunities. If you visit in about 1 week or 2 weeks from now, I would have discovered and implemented newer ways to monetize a blog. So bookmark and make sure you regularly come back for greener updates.

  1. Affiliate Marketing.
  2. Sponsored Posts.
  3. Ad Placements.
  4. Information Marketing! (EBooks & Video Tutorials Sales)
  5. Consultancy (Website Design and Blog Creation for busy clients).

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Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is big business! When you look at what I do at TechMatas, you’ll find out that I have series of affiliate products and services that I work with. Most of them pay commission per transaction consummated, when you refer a buyer to them. This is good money especially if your blog is targeted to a unique niche where those affiliate products are needed.

However, here is the secret!

You must be able to get it right and do it right. You must be sure about the product, Sign up and get a unique affiliate link, Target the right niche and provide a content that is convincing enough to your readers to sign up for the product. You can only get paid when someone buys a product through your affiliate link. For better information about how to start making money from affiliate marketing, read the following resources below.

  1. How Affiliate Marketing Works!
  2. Five (5) Best Steps to Make Real Money From Affiliate Marketing Programs Like a Boss!

Now, you can create a “resources” page for your blog and recommend some of the best affiliate products that are relevant to your customers and your niche.

Information Marketing:

Personally, I define Information marketing as the act of designing, packaging and selling your own information product online. For top blogs in the world such  shoutmeloud, wpbeginners, and TechMatas, information marketing is one of the best ways we monetize our blogs. As an expert in your field, your readers would want to get a copy of your expert guide handy. Therefore, you can create eBooks, Video materials, and lots more, and offer them for sale on your blog and websites. This is what I do! Here is one of my EBooks – My Blogging Secrets!

Again, here is the secret!

Information marketing pays very well. The simple reason is that you’re in total control of the whole process. You may cut down prices, run special offers and boost sales while keeping 100% profit. With many online resources at you disposal, it’s becoming very easy to create, package and sell your own product.

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Sponsored Blog Post:

This is another great method I am exploiting right now to make money on my blogs. It is one of the simplest and stress-free method to monetize your blog. Companies and advertising agencies pay you to review a product and tell your readers about it. The payment could be upfront or after publishing the post.

Click this ebook to read!

My Sponsored Posts Secrets

However, here is the secret!

If you have a good traffic, great niche and fair exposure, you can bargain for and make something between $60 and $1000 per post. Here is how it works! You don’t struggle to craft a post or design a graphics. As soon as you reach an agreement with the company, they will send you a post to publish. Once published, forward the link to them and get your payment sent to you. It is competitive and this is why you need to read that ebook above.

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Ad Placement:

This is another way I make money from my blog. Putting commercial ads on your blog is an easy way to earn money from your blog, however, you have to ensure that they are fully optimized. This might be tough especially if you are in the not too attractive niche.

But here is the secret!

With these ads, you can comfortably work with brands in order to fetch extra income for yourself while still writing your own contents for your blog. Your readers need your articles you know?

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Professional Consultancy:

As an experienced blogger, I help people buy web hosting (with a free domain) for their blog, create a blog and website, migrate their blogger blog to WordPress, and manage their online business. This is called digital marketing.

See what happens here!

Because you have built a reputation and your readers find you helpful, they will come for your help. You get paid for proving services to your client online. Remember, you have to be good at what you are doing.

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Wrapping up

The truth is that if you’re a blogger and you find it difficult to make money from your blogs or website, then you’d be frustrated out of the business. Unless if you are doing it for fun (leisure) but in future, you’d love to earn some income out of your effort; TRUE or FALSE?

I hope this tutorial on How I Make Money With My Blog sure helped you. Feel free to leave a question and also tell me how you have been making money from your blog? Don’t forget to share this tutorial with your friends on social media.

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