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What is Sponsored Guest Post


Business competition is becoming fiercer by the day, but smart business owners beat competition with Sponsored Posts.

My name is Samuel Makuochi and my blog, TechMatas is a great platform to promote your products & services, startup & businesses with a sponsored post. Believe me, a blog post or article is better banner adverts with respect to reaching wider audiences, duration, and detailed description of business.  Your post will stay on my blog forever as long as the blog exists. It can contain photos, your website, and your contact information.

Google the benefits of content marketing.

You can publish Guest Posts, for your business product luncheon & releases via scripted interviews, videos & images, or with a review articles.

It will cost  $100 or N20,000  per post.

Payment is to be made before or as soon as I publish posts on TechMatas. We will give you discount if you’ll publish more than one sponsored posts at the same time.


I’m sure that our pricing is competitive and affordable.

When You Sponsor a Post on TechMatas, I will:

  • Promote it on all my social media networks.
  • Link directly back to your business website, blogs or apps.
  • Share the post with hundreds of thousands of my RSS Feed Readers.
  • Boost the posts with a Facebook ad, if you request for it.

On a daily basis, we receive tons of targeted visitors from US, Canada, UK, Australia, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Philippines, India and from around the world.

Here are samples posts we’ve done for clients.

We Accept Sponsored Guest Posts about:

  1. Mobile Devices & Smart-phones
  2. Forex
  3. Payment Platforms
  4. E-Learning Tools
  5. Social Media and Digital Marketing
  6. Startups
  7. Apps
  8. Websites & Blogs
  9. SEO
  10. Web Hosting
  11. Security
  12. Airtime Credit & Recharge Cards
  13. Affiliate Marketing Products
  14. Other Products & Services.

  • Your sponsored post is permanently visible on my blog as long as it is online, shared to followers on all my social media handles, and sent directly by email, to all my numerous subscribers and RSS feeds readers.

  • Even if you don’t have a website for your business products, I can promote your it with a Sponsored Post. Anyways, I can design a website for your business…

  • I will continually share your sponsored post, together with other posts on my blog using a unique plugin that schedules posts.

  • For 30 days, your sponsored post will be visible on sidebar of my homepage; which makes it catchy to first-time visitors…

  • Moreover, I will publish your post in such a way that people easily find your product & services on Google and other search engines, via this sponsored article, when they search with related keywords. Also, I will link straight to your website (with a  NoFollow links).

Who Will Write the Article?

There are two options:

  1. You may have to write the post and send to me to publish. This is because, I believe that you’ve a better knowledge of your business product than I do.


  2. If you’re too busy to write, then I can write for you …with a simple but catchy post. You’ll need to send across to me, basic information about your business.


You can include (sponsor) your business or products in a existing ranking article, that may be related to your business keywords.

Search TechMatas blog using the search box at the top.

Find an existing ranking article you’ll like to sponsor, and contact me to edit it and include your business URL and other info, there.

This will cost  you $20 or N5000 per link.

Payment is to be made before or as soon as I update posts on TechMatas. We will give you discount if you’ll add more than one links.

I’m sure that our pricing is competitive and affordable.

Do you want to sponsor a post?  

Now, Here is What You Should Do.

Send an email to me on, with the subject ” Want to Publish a Sponsored Post “. I will reply you ASAP.  Otherwise, text or send Whatsapp to me on +2348067466857.

If you’re a company representative, I can generate an invoice for you.

I accept payments via bank deposits, online transfer, Western Union, and others. Once payment is received in my account, I start the job.

There’s no refund after payments as soon as I publish the post. If I find out that your links in the sponsored posts hurts our site or audiences, I reserve the right to delete it.

We look forward to establishing a working relationship with you to serve your clients in super ways.


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