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Writing Correct Articles Online Has Become Quicker and Simpler with Grammarly App.

Are you a Content Writer? A Digital Marketer? A Social Media Manager? A Blogger or a Website administrator?  Are you worried about how to create and check your posts for grammatical correctness? Do you want to make your blog articles more dynamics and attract more visitors to your website and blogs?

Then you need Grammarly App – the best online English Grammar Checker. It is both in mobile and desktop version.

Whether you want to check the correctness of your spelling and grammar or you want to avoid copy n’ paste (plagiarism) in your writing works, grammarly assists you to do justice and achieve your objectives.

You can download Grammarly both for the desktop and smartphones. In this post, I will show you how to use Grammarly on your mobile phone.

How To Use Grammarly On Mobile Phone

  1.  Go to Google Play Store and Search for Grammarly.
  2. Download and Install Grammarly on your smartphone.
  3. After installation, Create an Account.>>> Login to access the dashboard.
  4. Select the “NEW”, then Copy or Paste your article.
    You can write on it.


You may have to “zoom in” and “zoom out”, to check for suggestions as well as for the error that may be highlighted.

It automatically saves the documents that you previously worked on. Once you upload or copy and paste your document, Grammarly begins the review process through a working network strength or as you begin to write.

It doesn’t work with Opera Mini or UcBrowser. It only works on Google Chrome

About Grammary

It is one of the most used medium to create or write and check your document for grammatical correctness and conciseness. Grammarly helps writers with suggestions of alternative words (synonyms), and makes your writing more dynamics.

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With Grammarly, spelling and grammatical corrections in your articles are made easier and automatic. If you are worried about unforeseen or possible plagiarism in your writing works, it provides you with some similar sentences so you can avoid it.

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