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Gigablast Review

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Gigablast is new and improving web search engine; an Alternative Open Source Search Engine with the capacity to do real-time indexing of pages. Based in New Mexico, Gigablast is a small search engine but very independent. Gigablast provides large-scale, high-performance, real-time information retrieval technology and services for partner sites.

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Established in the year 2000 by Matt Wells, Gigablast used to be known as Infoseek and was written in C and C++ programming language.  Over the years, Gigablast has served companies such as Ixquick, Clusty, Zuula, Snap and Blingo. It continues to provide search services for these companies and many more.

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There are ongoing debates among industry watchers, comparing the capabilities of Gigablast and Google. However, it is observed that Google web search engine has evolved over the years. Sincerely, Gigablast has got plenty lovers but Google still leads the pack among the community of web search engines.

Features of Gigablast Web Search Engine

Gigablast is a great new web search engine. Among other generic features of search engines, Gigablast is reputed to have the following capacities including: | Free Gmail Registration

  1. Support for numerous specialized and specific searches.
  2. Support for all Boolean algebra operators in search operations.
  3. Giga Bits support.
  4. And a blog search feature
  5. “Add URL” feature

Tabular Preview of the Gigablast Web Search Engine

According to, the table below shows important information you need to know about Gigablast.

Type of site Web search engine
Available in English
Created by Matt Wells
Registration Optional
Launched 2000; 16 years ago
Current status Online
Written in C/C++

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In conclusion, Gigablast provides large-scale, high-performance, real-time information retrieval technology and services for partner sites. In this article; Gigablast Review, we have presented you with the features and capacities of the Gigablast Web Search Engine and we hope you will enjoy using it. Please drop a comment and Share this post with friends.

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