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New Rules to Get Your Mavro- 2016 Funds Released Faster

Do you know that there are a good number of contributors who have already got their ‘Mavro-2016-Contributions’ fully released to them? Many others have got a sizable portion also released.

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I don’t know if it is a news to you that MMM, is paying contributors for their ‘Mavro-2016-Contributions’. If is a news to you, then testimonies abound about this fact. MMM Nigeria has commenced the payment of funds which were blocked in December 2016. And since the lifting of the temporary ban on MMM Get Help (GH) services, contributors have being Providing Help (PH) and Getting Help (GH), were such contributors receive a 10% of the amount of your own PH and for 10% of the amount of your referrals.

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It might interest you to know that since the lifting of the temporary ban on MMM Get Help (GH) services, and the unfreezing of 2016 Mavros, participants have been asking when they will withdraw m0ney or Get Help for their transactions in 2016. Many have even left their fate to God while some others have since moved on, abandoning thousands of investments.

But you don’t have to move on just like that. There’s still hope of recovering your funds. And this time around, it is getting better by the day.

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How The New Rules to Get Your Mavro- 2016, Works

According to MMM Nigeria official website, the new money rule applied to the release of ‘Mavro-2016-Contributions’ states as follows:

10%-release is being calculated not from the total PH amount since April 29, but from the “netto” amount of PH (difference between the amounts you have contributed and withdrawn, it means the difference between the amounts of PH and GH requests). That was done to maintain the Community’s sustainability, to eliminate the possibility of artificial contributions: when a member would provide help for the amount he recently withdrew. In other words, without new money rule it would happen that the new money doesn’t come into the Community, but every time the release of 10% takes place.

Let’s explain this using an example. Assume a participant has withdrawn 1000 naira on April 30, and provided help for 3000 naira on June 1, then his ‘Mavro-2016-Contributions’ will be released for 200 naira (for 10% of the difference between the PH and GH amounts after April 29).


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Here is the Catch!

You can completely withdraw your ‘Mavro-2016-Contributions’ if you could just work a little harder than you are doing now. In fact, you just need to ensure that you invite a good number of new members to the MMM Community. When you invite new members, you will be automatically receive 20% which is (10% as a referral bonus plus 10% from your ‘Mavro-2016-Contributions). Why don’t you grab this opportunity and get your ‘Mavro-2016-Contributions’ released. This is the secret and exactly what others did to get their money fast.

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Finally, isn’t it exciting that you can Get Your ‘Mavro-2016-Contributions’ Out Quicker nowadays? Now, the ball is in your court and everything depends on the contributors. Ensure that you tell those that you invite everything about the opportunities and risks in MMM. You must remind them that MMM is a platform for mutual help where people just donate their money to each other and not an investment opportunity or get rich quick system.. Participate with spare money only!

If you have received your ‘Mavro-2016-Contributions’ from MMM Nigeria, let us know how you did it. Leave a comment in the box.

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