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Why Are Backlinks Important to Blog and Website?

Starting a blog and/or designing a website is great. But there are some other super challenging jobs you must do, and will continue doing in order to keep the fire burning otherwise, you’ll become discouraged and abandon your blogs.

Some of the things you’ll need to do include:

  1. Publishing meaningful articles.
  2. Working towards Ranking your website and blog articles high on search engines
  3. Getting traffic to a blog and website.
  4. Receiving Backlinks.

All of these tasks are challenging enough and those are what bloggers will face always. In this article, I will share how you can get quality backlinks to your website and blogs from rich sources.


Backlinks refer to internal links, inbound links, inlinks, or incoming links to your blog and websites. Backlinks usually come from other websites and platforms you have established relationship with. This is in contrast to Outband links or outgoing links; links to another website. When a visitor comes to your blog or site through a link from another blog or website, you have received backlinks from that blog or website.

How about when 1000 visitors do that everyday?

How to Get Backlinks to Your Blog and Website

You have to purposely create backlinks. Creating high-quality Backlinks require a great deal of physical effort and time. It is not what you do once for all. It is a continuous job you’ll do as long as your blog is online.

The following are some of the ways to get backlinks to your website and blog:

  1. Forum Postings – Posting quality information and Replying to questions from is a great way to make backlinks. Offering help in forums like Quora can help create backlinks and bring traffic to your Website. See 10 Best Discussion Forums to Share Your Post
  2. Blog Commenting – Leaving quality comments on related blogs are great ways of receiving backlinks to your website and blogs. Such genuine efforts will encourage visitors to checkout your blog thereby bringing traffic to your blog. See 7 Top Blogging Forums to Share Posts.
  3. Guest Posting/Blogging – Sure there are sites that accepts Guest Postings. Nowadays, it is Paid Guest Postings since most bloggers know what benefits that it provides. Take your chance and do a sponsored post to get backlink to your blog and website. See How to Do Sponsored Post on a Blog.
  4. Submit Blog/Website to Directories – You may submit your articles to online directories, and journals. Such places allow you to put your website details and will provide you backlinks as the days go by.
  5. Business Network Platforms – Platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook etc are great examples, about where you’ll post links to your articles to related groups and receive backlinks instantly.

Wrapping up:

Creating high-quality Backlinks to your website and blogs require a great deal of effort and time. It is not what you do once for all. It is a continuous job you’ll do as long as your blog and website is online. So start today to build backlinks to your blog.

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