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How Not to Loose Facebook Followers and Website Traffic.

This is certainly what every PR Manager, Digital Marketer, Blogger and website owners must know so that they don’t loose their Facebook followers and website traffic.  You need this information to remain top of people’s news feeds.

The first set of upgrades, or changes to Facebook algorithms became effective on 2nd January 2018. That affected Facebook News Feeds, such that users see mostly posts from friends and family. Now, Mark Zuckerberg has stated quipped that we should lookout for the second upgrade. He said that the second stage of these changes to the Facebook platform promises to serve up news from ‘trusted’ sources.

In his latest post, Zuckerberg clarifies:

‘I’m sharing our second major update this year: to make sure the news you see, while less overall, is high quality. I’ve asked our product teams to make sure we prioritize news that is trustworthy, informative, and local. And we’re starting next week with trusted sources.

Facebook embarked on this mission due to the much sensational and fake news flying around on the internet which polarizes and causes disaffection around the world. Social media is an enabler and can be used negatively to spread fake and hate speeches which might cause problems in our societies. To curtail the spread of hateful posts, Facebook News Feed must promote high quality news that build instead of polarize our communities.


What Facebook Latest Updates Means For You

  1. The amount of news in the user’s Facebook News Feed is expected to reduce from 5% to 4%. I’m sure that you know what this means for your businesses as a manager of Public Figures on Facebook, Business Pages, Digital marketers and Bloggers?

  1. There is a dramatic reduction in the sources (Business Pages, Websites, Blogs etc) that Facebook news comes from. Although this is supposed to benefit trusted sources, and make all PR pros and brands re-strategise. But this is subjective and the outcome can affect really genuine sites.

  1. The most painful is that Publishers (Public Figures on Facebook, Business Pages, Digital marketers and Bloggers) with the largest followers and readers and statistics will be greatly affected. Information about the trustworthiness of your news will be publicly-sourced. The outcome is subjective and may not favour you.

How to Remain On Top Of the Game

The latest Facebook update is having massive effect on the followership of public figures, business pages, digital marketers and bloggers, who receive traffic from Facebook shares.

If you must beat this “set back”, you must revise your strategy and put up measures in order not to Lose Facebook Followers, Website Traffic and Still Remain on Top of People’s News Feeds. You must do the following:

  1. Use Quality Social Media Monitoring Tools:
    The use of quality social media monitoring tools (PR Software) will enable Facebook owners who manage Profile of Public Figures, Business Pages, Digital marketers and Bloggers to keep an eye on which of your media partners are still appearing frequently on Facebook, and find new ones that you haven’t used before.

  1. Use of Keyword Research Tool:
    They are important blogging tools to do a quick research about your competitors and what keywords they rank for, and then use those massive information to create your articles so that it will rank too and even outrank them. Many bloggers use this keyword research tool daily. A Perfect example is the SEMRush.
    Read more about it on Best Competitor and Keyword Research Tool.

  1. Establish New Relationships:
    Consciously build new relationships and collaborations where necessary with other members of the Facebook community and managers. This is a credible way to get your Facebook Posts, Blog and Website Articles and Your Business updates on top of people’s Facebook News Feed.

Are you a Social Media Professional? What other ways can someone remain on top of the game, so that he does not loose Facebook followers and website traffic? Leave a comment below.

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