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TechStartup – Chris Kwekowe

His gut is rock solid, his vision is angelic, his charisma is magnificient and his determination is something else. On TechMatas Insider today, we present to you, Africa’s Chris Kwekowe, who is a young Nigerian with an enviable dream. Chris is a 24 years old man who reportedly turned down a massive Software Engineer job offer from Microsoft’s founder, Bill Gate, in pursuit of his dream star t-up company; Slatecube in Lagos Nigeria.

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In very clear terms, the young and visionary tech entrepreneur informed Bill Gates, the world’s richest billionaire and out-rightly rejected Bill’s software engineer job offer in order to give his undivided attention to building Slatecube, his tech-startup right in his home country, Nigeria. This disclosure was made during a televised interview in Lagos, which featured some of the biggest and smartest young entrepreneurs in Africa 2016.

Chris Kwekowe with bill ates

During the television interview, Chris Kwekowe reportedly told Bill Gates that he is unable to take up a Software Engineer job with Microsoft Inc. In his words,

 When I told him, Gates was intrigued and he smiled. After the programme, all the directors were like, ‘Dude, you mean you actually turned down a job at Microsoft and had the guts to tell Bill Gates?

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How else can you describe a young man whose gut is rock solid, his vision is angelic, his charisma is magnificent and his determination is something else. The young Chris Kwekowe demonstrates a rare genius whose belief is rugged and has got big dreams and great passion for his start-up; slatecube. This is rare among young people in his clime.

Chris Kwekowe‘s Slatecube is a company that helps other young graduates to find Jobs. To this end, Slate-cube builds on its purpose by running digital internship programs for user’s and subscribers. Users are provided with the opportunity to learn online, courses they choose and register for.

Chris and his Slate Cube are navigating their ways skillfully and boldly across the murky waters of Nigeria’s business space and he seems to be succeeding with every of his moves. In his words,

 If you can do business in Lagos, you can do business anywhere in the world, said Chris when he was asked where his tenacious spirit to compete in the business world comes from.”

In the new year, Chris Kwekowe and his Slate Cube group plans to expand and set-up offices across the African states, including South Africa, Kenya, Ghana and lots more.

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Unemployment in Nigeria is on the rise and it is reported to be worsened by lack of basic and employable skills on the part of Nigeria’s graduates. There is lack of basic business and entrepreneurial skills coupled with poor infrastructure for business. Chris Kwekowe and his Slate Cube are determined to turn the downward slide and give young people opportunities to live their dreams.

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