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How To Check If Your Facebook Account Is Hacked Or  Safety Tips To Stay Safe continues to be the biggest and widest used social network in the United States, Canada, UK, Austria and the Netherlands. Facebook is also widely used in Israel, Syria, United Arab Emirate and some other mid-east nations. Facebook is the biggest social network in Africa including Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Egypt and Didia Drogba nation of Ivory Coast. Facebook has also included artificial intelligence in its algorithm. It has also gone steps further to provide internet access to the unreached in Africa and Asia through partnerships with some telecom companies over there.

For some time however, there is a noticeable increase in the rate at which Facebook accounts are hacked, especially that of public or political figures. This has resulted to loss of Facebook accounts, unnecessary blackmails and misrepresentations.

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But we cannot continue like this, can we? There is a universal proverb which says: Make Hay While The Sun Shines. This follows that we must do everything possible to check if our Facebook account has been compromised, duplicated or hacked.

Luckily, a friend of mine on shared her discovery on how to know if your Facebook account is hacked, on her timeline. I tested it and it worked like magic. So I have decided to share her thoughts with you.

How To Check If Your Facebook Account Has Been Hacked

If you want to know if your Facebook account has been hacked or compromised, it is very easy and will take just a few seconds. Here is what you should do:

  • Sign in to your Facebook account.
  • Navigate to one of the Facebook posts in your timeline or a friend’s Facebook update in her timeline.
  •  At the comment section, type the following code, without any space. Make sure you enter this strings of characters correctly with rectangular brackets as shown here.


  • Press Enter.
  • If the comment shows “Mark Zuckerberg”, it means that your Facebook account is safe. If it shows something else or nothing, then, your Facebook account has been hacked and compromised.
  • What should you do? You must change your settings and change your password.

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Safety Tips to Prevent Hackers from Hacking Your Facebook Account

  1. Accept Friend Request From People You Know.
  2. Block Suspected Hacker.
  3. Don’t Join Unnecessary Facebook Groups And Remove Yourself From Such Groups.
  4. Don’t Click on Suspicious Links

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Stay safe.

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