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Share Your Screen + Get Help from

Hello Apple device users. Have you ever had issues with your apple device and you could not get around it or succeed in solving it? Was it so difficult that your friends around you could hardly resolve it? Now, that challenge can be quickly resolved and problems taken care of when you access the Apple Remote Screen Share Service provided by Apple. This service allows you to send permissions to other Apple users and grant them a unique access so that they can help you resolve that problem.


How to Share screen and get Help

The Apple Remote Screen Share Service is also excellent and helps you to remotely access or control your computer at home, even when you are far away at work.

In this article therefore, we bring to you Step by step guide on how to Share your screen, using the Apple Remote Screen Share Service, provided by

How to Share Your Screen – to Get Help!

The following are the step by step guide on how to Share Your Screen and Get Help from Apple Support.  Now follow us.

  1. If there is no shared computer listed on your apple device screen, kindly Open the Finder window and click on “Shared”.
  2. Select the exact one you want to share with and hit the “Share Screen” button.
  3. If you are a Registered User: Enter your login name and password to proceed. Make sure your login name is one of the users allowed if “Only these users” section is checked.
  4. By Asking Permission: Choose this section only when you want to ask for other user’s permission to enable you to share their screen.
  5. If others happens to send you invitations to share your screen, you can select “Share the display” or “Connect to a virtual display”. By choosing “Connect to a virtual display”, you will share your mac with others while you set up a brand new screen for yourself.

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Share Your Screen with Apple Support Center – Get Help:

Should you experience any technical issue which you found difficult to resolve on your mac computer and you don’t want to go to the sales store, just share your screen with the Apple Support Center. This is were you can get help to solve your problem., almost immediately.

But before you make use of the sharing process, you must get a session key.

  1. Go to the apple support page and click “Contact Apple.
  2. Select “Get Started”.
  3. Narrow down your problems, choose the way you want to obtain help and enter your serial number, your contact information.
  4. Upload your requirement and then you will get a session key with which you can do steps below:


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Step 1 – Kindly Visit the Apple Support Center page at
Step 2 – Input the session key into the box
Step 3 – Click “Submit” to file your claim.

It is important to know that you can stop the screen sharing at any time you choose. If you have anything that you want to keep private, just move them away from your screen, because Apple Support can’t access your files or control your computer.


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A Brief Overview About Apple

Founded in 1976, Apple is an American multinational blue-chip technology company, founded by Steve Jobs,Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. Headquartered in Cupertino, California USA, apple designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services.


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Official Site of Apple –
Share Screen With Apple Support –

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