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How to Add Funds To Your Payoneer Account

Payoneer Master CardWith Payoneer, you get payments from global clients for services you offered. You can also add funds directly to your payoneer account in various ways. But before you do that,you have to activate your payoneer account.

I have written two (2) major articles about

It is important that your read through those articles and get the juices. Previously, we identified that you may receive Payoneer Mastercard in any nation of the world where you live, FREE OF CHARGE, without paying a single dime for it. Another interesting fact is that  you’ll earn extra income when your friends or partners signs up for Payoneer Mastercard through your affiliate link.

Established in New York in 2005 and accepted in over 200 countries of the world, Payoneer gives you opportunity, to grow your businesses by enabling you to pay and get paid globally with ease, as you would do locally.

You will want to ADD funds to your Payoneer account for any or all of the following reasons:

  1. Purchase items online
  2. Place Advertisements on Facebook or Google
  3. Make payments or transfer money to a friend or family member.

Therefore, you need to understand some of the ways to load money to your payoneer account.

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How to Add Funds To Your Payoneer Account

You will receive payments – fund your payoneer account when any or all of the following happens:

  • If you REFER a friend to sign up for one, you’ll earn extra $25! This earning is effected when your friend loads at least $100 into his/her account. Payoneer will make payment to your account immediately.
  • When you get paid for your services as a Freelance Worker Online or Affiliate Marketer. Your clients or companies that you provide service for should accept to pay through Payoneer.
  • Fund your Payoneer MasterCard Account from Another Payoneer User. You can also find your payoneer MasterCard account from another Payoneer account user. That is, another user who wants to sale off funds can decide to transfer his funds to you in exchange for an equivalent amount in your local currency.


I want to believe that you have understood some of the ways to Adding Funds To Your Payoneer Account. If you have any more questions with regards to this, please drop them on the comment box and I will reply you soon.


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