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5 Straightforward Ways to Make Money From Your Company Blog

Do you have a blog for your business? Are you a business with an online presence? Have you thought about making money with your business blog, in addition to your normal business offers? Then this tutorial is helpful for you. Here are the 5 Straightforward Ways to Make Money From Your Blog.


Whether you’re a Software Development company, or a Bulk SMS company or any business at all with a website, You Can Start a Blog inside that same domain that will run side by side with your business without affecting what you do. Most importantly, you can achieve this without adsense!

Among other tech-related articles, TechMatas is a blog dedicated to teaching people How to Create a Blog and Make Money Online!

Why Network ads May Not Be Good for Your Company Blog?

Although network ads are great sources of revenue for many blogs, it is certainly going to be a no-no for most company blogs. This is because; they can show ads from some of your industry competitors inside your own very site. That is embarrassing, isn’t it? That is called Contextual ad ; Advertisement displayed on a web page  based content.

For instance, you run a web hosting company and you decide to create a company business blog. If you put adsense, they will show ads from a competing web hosting company which will take the attention away from your own product. Therefore, to avoid this, you must not put adsense or other ads code in your blog.


Best Ways Your Company Website Can Make Money from a Blog Page!

When you setup a blog page, you’re sure to increase visitors to your company website and that can translate to increased business opportunities and more money to your bank account!

WordPress Blog Super eBook

Some of the best ways to make money from increased traffic to your blog are:

  1. Private Ads Placement:

Companies, especially those that implement what you do at your own company will want to place ads on your website and pay you money for doing so.

For example, you are into website designing or blog creation like TechMatas! Many other companies offering services such as web hosting and domain registration, graphics and logo design, social media/digital marketing as well as SEO related services, will want to place ads on your blog so that you blog visitors can contact and patronize them. This is simple a great way to make more money!

  1. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is big business! To find the best product to promote, ask yourself this question: What product or service does my customer/client need immediately after my services? When you look at what I do at TechMatas, you’ll find out that I have series of affiliate products and services that I work with. Most of them pay commission per transaction consummated, when you refer a buyer to them. This is good money especially if your blog is targeted to a unique niche where those affiliate products are needed.

However, here is the secret!

You must be able to get it right and do it right. You must be sure about the product, Sign up and get a unique affiliate link, Target the right niche and provide a content that is convincing enough to your readers to sign up for the product. You can only get paid when someone buys a product through your affiliate link. For better information about how to start making money from affiliate marketing, read the following resources below.

  1. How Affiliate Marketing Works!
  2. Five (5) Best Steps to Make Real Money From Affiliate Marketing Programs Like a Boss!

Now, you can create a “resources” page for your blog and recommend some of the best affiliate products that are relevant to your customers and your niche.

  1. Collaboration with Other Companies:

Most companies would want a mutual partnership with another! Such a partnership allows for companies to complement one another and grow together.

For instance, you can collaborate with accompany that sales products that you use to complete your own products. Both of you can share ads about your company on your separate websites, thus increasing your visibility at both ends. This way, you will generate more leads and what a great way to make extra money online!

  1. Create Advert Page

Creating an advert page helps advertisers know the potentials and provides opportunities for them to reach out to the target audience of their products or services through your website. Every blogger knows the benefits of an advertisement page for her blog. In fact, at some point, you’ll start becoming choosy about what ads to accept for your blog.

Please and please, if you have not created an advert page for your blog, stop whatever you’re doing and create it now. Check up my ad page and get inspirations about what you may need for your own unique advert page

Wrapping up

Amongst all these methods I have shared with you about how to make money from your blog without adsense, I want you to focus on one. You can choose Affiliate Marketing since that is the commonest one being used and it is easy to implement! It is also the easiest way to make good money from quality blogs. You’ll Love to See Many More Ways to Make Money:

I hope that this tutorial about How Your Company Website Can Make Money from Blogging – without AdSense was helpful? Are there other ideas you know about how to make money from business blogs? How effective are they for you? Please share in the comments.

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