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The Oracle cloud day otherwise called Oracle Digital Day is an A-grade tech event that brings together, tech industry professionals and managers to rub minds about how to explore the potentials of cloud technologies to grow digital businesses.

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What the 2016 Oracle Digital Day Will Cover

On the card for the 2016 Oracle digital day event are the following:

  1. Development Tools for IT Systems
  2. Hardware and Software cloud infrastructures including systems, storage, servers and processors.
  3. HCM Solutions in the SAAS Models
  4. ERP and EOM systems available in the cloud
  5. Customer Service Experience – cloud solutions for delivering excellent customer services.
  6. State-of-the-art cloud technology platforms like PaaS and SaaS.

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The 2016 Oracle Cloud Day is going to take place in 4 different African High-tech cities including Cairo in Egypt, Lagos in Nigeria, Johannesburg in South Africa and Nairobi in Kenya. The schedules are as follows:


Venue                                                                                      Day of Event

Cairo: Egypt – Saas: Cairo Governorate                        26th October 2016.
            Egypt – PaaS: Cairo Governorate                         27th October 2016.  

Lagos Nigeria: Intercontinental Hotel                          2nd November 2016.
Victoria Island Lagos.

Johannesburg: South Africa.                                             9th November 2016.

Nairobi: Kenya.                                                                        11th November 2016

This Oracle digital event is set to explore the potentials of cloud technologies and how it could influence existing digital models and help drive businesses and institutions.

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Who Are the Target Audience for the 2016 Oracle Digital Day

The 2016 Oracle Cloud event is specifically designed for a certain set of professionals and users and they include:

  • Finance Executives
  • IT Managers
  • HR Personnel
  • Marketing and Sales Persons
  • Software Developers
  • Support Departments

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This year’s Oracle Day event will be characterized with presentations and live demo sessions from Oracle top users such as Eskom & Tiger Brands. There’ll be series of interactive sessions with industry experts, analysts and managers.

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How to Register for the 2016 Oracle Digital Day

Should you wish to attend the Oracle Cloud Day event at your locations, please use the following links below. Select or click the link for your country.

Cairo, Egypt – Saas: 26th October 2016.                        Register Here.
Cairo  Egypt – PaaS: 27th October 2016.                        Register Here.

Lagos Nigeria: 2nd November 2016.                                Register Here.
Johannesburg: South Africa: 9th November 2016.        Register Here.

Nairobi: Kenya: 11th November 2016.                             Register Here.

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You may follow live on twitter with this hashtag #OracleDigitalDay. Also check the event registration corner for more information about your local event agenda.

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